B"H Sunday, 21 Iyar 5779 | May 26 2019
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Trust in Hashem.. not in Man (II)

Trust in Hashem.. not in man (2)

A worried couple once entered the chamber of a famous Rebbe. "There was a robbery in our house, and a box containing jewelry and lots of cash was stolen. We've come here because we heard that you are a miracle worker and can help us."

The Rebbe responded coldly that he was definitely not involved in the break in, and that the best place to resolve their issue was at the police station. The man replied, "We would never accuse the Rebbe, heaven forbid, and we've already been to the police station. Now our only hope is to get a bracha from the Rebbe."

Having said that, the husband took out a large sum of money to give towards the charities that the Rebbe supported, to merit a bracha from the Rebbe. The Rebbe looked at the money, unimpressed, and asked, "Is that all that you will give to help recover all of the valuables that were stolen from you?"

To this the man responded by doubling his donation. Still the Rebbe didn't seem happy. When the man placed more money for the third time, and still the Rebbe showed no signs of willingness to bentch them, the wife picked up all the money from the table, turned to her husband and said, "This Rebbe won't help us, let's just place our faith in Hashem and surely all will turn out well."

Immediately, the Rebbe smiled and said, "It is for this that I have waited. Until now you were placing your bitachon in me, and this disturbed me. But now that you are exercising bitachon in Hashem you will have good tidings to share very soon."

Sure enough, as soon as they got home the police came to tell them that they had caught the thief and returned all that had been stolen. A while later, the man returned to the Rebbe, and placed a very large donation on the table, telling him that boruch Hashem the robber was caught and everything was returned.

The Rebbe told the man that he would only accept the amount that he initially wanted to give. He then advised the man not to wait until a problem arose to give tzedaka, rather, he should give tzedaka in advance in order that this should not happen in the future. Money needs salt in order to preserve it, and giving tzedaka helps preserve money so that it should stay in its owner's possession for only good uses.

22 Sivan 5777