B"H Friday, 19 Iyar 5779 | May 24 2019
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The Freidin Collection
The Freidin Collection Photograph: JEM Screen Shot
Sivan 5749: 4,320 NEW Photos by LY Freidin
In commemoration of the recent Yarzheit of Levi Freidin and in anticipation of Shavuos, JEM is pleased to announce that 4,320 NEW Photos have been added to TheLivingArchive.org from Sivan 5749.

This stunning collection includes pictures from the following events:

Kos Shel Bracha
Kinus Torah
Yechidus Klolis

The collection can be viewed here.

The Living Archive is an open project which allows for crowd-sourcing information. All are invited to tag photos, to help people you may know, in finding a picture of their moment with the Rebbe.

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3 Sivan 5777