B"H Friday, 19 Iyar 5779 | May 24 2019
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Photograph: Lubavitch.com
Amazing Etch-a Sketch 770
Jason Swartz, a member of Chabad of Memphis, Tennessee, drew an artful rendition of Chabad Lubavitch’s headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.

A commercial pilot, Swartz creates Etch-a-Sketch art in his free time and worked for hours-long stretches over the course of many weeks to get the portrait of 770 (as the building is nicknamed) just right.

"I wanted to do it as a gift to Rabbi Levi and Rivky," he said, referring to Shluchim Rabbi and Mrs. Klein, co-directors of the Memphis Chabad.

The portrait was the result of a challenge issued by Rivky Klein, who presented the idea to Swartz. “His first reaction was, ‘no way, that’s way too complicated, there are so many details and fine lines,’” explains Rabbi Klein. Unbeknownst to the Kleins, however, Swartz began working on the project and presented it weeks later as a surprise gift.

The drawing is now proudly displayed atop a piano in the Klein’s Memphis home. “It’s pretty amazing,” the Rabbi laughs.

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