B"H Sunday, 14 Iyar 5779 | May 19 2019
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Kovetz Celebrates The Rebbe's Yom Huledes
Talmidei HaShluchim to Yeshiva Gedolah Melboune, HaTmimim Eli Shulman and Menachem Mendel Thaler, present their latest Kovetz, Kovetz which was printed in honour of Yud Alef Nissan, the 115th birthday of The Rebbe.
This kovetz is an expanded edition of Kovetz Heoros Hatmimim V'anash, celebrating 50 years of Shluchim to Yeshiva Gedola, as well as in honour of the 150th edition ( ") of Kovetz Heoros Hatmimim V'anash.
The next Kovetz will be coming out Iyh just before Shavuos. To include  Heoros, innovations, questions, comments and/or dedications, please email us before the kovetz goes to press.
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1 Iyar 5777