B"H Sunday, 14 Iyar 5779 | May 19 2019
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The Rebbe's Teachings on Chinuch
Good News! A great demand exists in our communities for a sefer that provides parents and educators clear guidance on how to nurture the precious neshamos of our generation. Unfortunately, a collection of the Rebbe's fundamental teachings on chinuch has never been available in English until now!

Anash Chinuch has translated the Rebbe's teachings on hundreds of topics, creating a 350+ page sefer completely indexed by topic for easy reference and searchability. In addition, this sefer covers sources on a wider range of topics than any other collection of the Rebbe's teachings on chinuch currently available in any language. Our Rebbe's teachings are positive and practical and are sure to inspire every parent and educator to invest more in the chinuch of their children and students.

Shturem readers have been learning the daily Chinuch Horo'oh of The Rebbe, generously shared by Anash Chinuch for the past years.

Rabbi Nochum Kaplan's haskomo

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30 Nisan 5777