B"H Friday, 19 Iyar 5779 | May 24 2019
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Maamar “Levyoson Zeh Yatzarta…”
“Levyoson Zeh Yatzarta…”

[Likkutei Torah p. 18]

Parshas Shemini discusses the laws of Kashrus. The laws involved in eating kosher meat or fish are made up of a number of factors. First, the fish and meat must come from a kosher species based on the signs defined in the Torah. Next, the animal must be slaughtered properly, then checked for any Treifa invalidations, and have its meat salted to remove the blood. Only after this process is complete is the meat deemed kosher for consumption. This week’s Maamar deals with a peculiar Midrash that describes the famous awaited meal of the future era, the meal of the Levyoson and Shur Habor.

The Midrash describes how these two magnificent creatures will engage in battle with one another and will both be killed as a result of the blows they receive. What is the spiritual meaning behind this battle and why does it hold such great significance in the description of future occurrences?

This leads to a discussion on the two forms of Tzaddikim that exist within the world, the hidden Tzaddik and the revealed Tzaddik. The hidden Tzaddik lives in a completely abstract and spiritual world within this world and is involved in Divine unifications more than the physical performance of the Mitzvos. The revealed Tzaddik is involved in the physical world and the performance of its Mitzvos, yet lacks the spiritual refinement found within the hidden Tzaddikim.

Each one of these Tzaddikim possesses an advantageous aspect over the other that will be shared in the future. This is the representation of the battle of the Levyoson and Shur Habor. [This Maamar focuses on the Chassidic explanation behind the battle of the Levyoson and Shur Habor. For the Chassidic explanation behind the meal of the Levyoson and Shur Habor, please refer to the previous Maamar on Parshas Tzav!]

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