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Parshas Naso “Ko Sevarchu Es Bnei Yisrael ”

Parshas Naso “Ko Sevarchu Es Bnei Yisrael ” [ Likkutei Torah p. 26]

Parshas Naso discusses the Mitzvah of Birchas Kohanim . Every male Kohen is commanded to bless the Jewish people daily with the blessings recorded in this Parsha . This blessing was given by Aharon Hakohen to the Jewish people upon the inauguration of the Mishkan . The blessing of the Kohanim consists of three sets of blessings; Yivarechicha , Yaer , and Yisa .

What is the meaning and significance of each set of blessings? The third blessing seems redundant, being a mere repetition of the second blessing, and hence requires clarification as to its meaning.

This leads into a discussion regarding the Grace After Meals that we recite after eating bread. The Midrash states that the reason the Jewish people merit to receive the third blessing of the Kohanim is because they perform the Mitzvah of praying Birchas Hamazon , reciting it even after eating a mere Kezayis of bread.

Biblically, one is only obligated to recite Birchas Hamazon if he ate to the point of satiation, while if he ate less than this amount, then he is not required to recite Birchas Hamazon . However, the Sages instituted that it is to be recited even after eating a mere kezayis , and it is the performance of this Mitzvah that gives us the merit to receive the third blessing given by the Kohanim .

As there are many matters of observance that we perform due to an institution of the Sages, it remains to be understood why this matter of Grace After Meals specifically stands in our merit for receiving the Divine blessing.

What is the connection between this Mitzvah and the blessing received, and why is a merit required at all to receive the third blessing as opposed to the first two blessings of the Kohanim ?

This leads to a discussion on the meaning of the Mitzvah of Birchas Hamazon and the effect it has on our foods. The Maamar delves into both the meaning of the blessing we receive in Birchas Kohanim , and the meaning and purpose of Birchas Hamazon ; their relation, connection, and power in making for Hashem a dwelling place below.

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