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Parshas Behar: Es Shabsosaiy Tishmoru

 Likkutei Torah -Parshas Behar “ Es Shabsosaiy Tishmoru .... ” [ Likkutei Torah p. 80]

Parshas Behar discusses the Mitzvah of Shabbos. While there are many verses in the Torah that discuss the Mitzvah of Shabbos, one particular verse in this Parsha holds special significance because it reveals to us a new meaning and inner dimension contained within Shabbos. The verse does not enter into a lengthy discussion to describe this hidden secret of Shabbos, but rather alludes to it with a simple word modification used in the commandment to guard the Shabbos. The verse states, “Guard my Shabbasos” in the plural form, when it should just say, “Guard my Shabbos”, being that Shabbos is a single entity. The Alter Rebbe explains that there are two levels of Shabbos that are found within every Shabbos, and hence the verse is commanding us to guard both of these aspects. What are these two aspects of Shabbos? The Alter Rebbe then goes into a thorough examination of the elevations of the worlds and our Divine service that occur on Shabbos in relation to the rest of the week. On Shabbos, the worlds are elevated, along with our Divine service of Torah and the Mitzvos that we performed throughout the week. What is the identity of these elevations, and what is their purpose? The Alter Rebbe introduces us to the true purpose and goal contained within our performance of Torah and Mitzvos, and novelizes that there are two levels of nullification of the soul that we aspire to attain through our Divine service. One level is reached through the Mitzvos, while the second level will only be experienced in the future. These two levels al so correspond to the two elevations experienced on Shabbos, the lower Shabbos and the higher Shabbos. If we were to guard Shabbos properly and hence ensure the occurrence of these two elevations, we would merit the immediate redemption.

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Likkutei Torah -Parshas Bechukosaiy

Parshas Bechukosaiy: Selected Excerpts from Likkutei Torah

The designated time for a Jew to expand his love of G - d: 1 The designated time for a Jew to expand his love of G - d is during the time of prayer. This begins with Pesukei Dezimra and the blessings [of the morning and the blessings of the Shema]. The liturgy of the prayer was established by the Ans hei Knesses Hagedola and it contains various verses that discuss matters that arouse love and fear of G - d. This is the meaning of the verse , Im Bechukosai y Teileichu , as Hashem is pleading with us that we should use the opportunity given during prayer to g row and strengthen our love for Him. There is no need to search for other options, as this is the best of the options that we have.

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