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“Ki Bayom Hazeh Yichaper Aleichem…”

Parshas Acharei Mos
“Ki Bayom Hazeh Yichaper Aleichem…”[Likkutei Torah p. 52]

In the Parsha of Acharei Mos, the Temple service of Yom Kippur is described. Yom Kippur is
the holiest and most revered day in the Jewish calendar and represents the day when we receive atonement from Hashem. This atonement, however, is preconditioned on the performance of Teshuvah. The Alter Rebbe addresses why Yom Kippur is deemed unique if in truth Hashem accepts one who performs Teshuvah anytime during the year. The explanation is that the Teshuvah of Yom Kippur is on a higher and deeper level than regular Teshuvah, and hence touches a higher and deeper level within Hashem. To perform Teshuvah, one is not required to be a sinner. Teshuvah can even be performed by Tzaddikim, as it represents one’s turning his inner self towards G-d. When one performs Mitzvos and learns Torah precariously, without passion and focus but out of mere habit, it is considered as if he has turned his back on Hashem.

Teshuvah represents the return of one’s focus in attaching to G-d by learning Torah and
performing His Mitzvos. How can one reach a state of passion and attachment to Hashem while
learning Torah? This is through contemplating the greatness of Torah and how it affects the
person who learns it and the worlds above. In particular, the study of Halacha stands out as the
most important and effective topic of Torah study. In this Maamar, the Alter Rebbe explains the
greatness of studying Halacha, and how clarifying Halachic topics to yourself and others fulfills
a great step in the redemption of the Shechina from exile and hastens the Final Redemption.

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