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“Isha Ki Sazria Veyolda Zochor…”
“Isha Ki Sazria Veyolda Zochor…” [Likkutei Torah p. 22]

Parshas Tazria discusses the stages of impurity and subsequent sacrifices that a woman is obligated to bring to the Temple after she gives birth. The verses distinguish between the birth of a male and female child.

If she gives birth to a male child, she is to sit seven days in impurity and then wait an additional 33 days to bring the offering to the Temple. If she bore a female child, then she is to wait 14 days in a state of impurity, then 66 more days to bring her afterbirth offering.

The verse uses a peculiar wording to describe the birth of the male child, stating, “When a woman gives seed and gives birth to a male child.”

Why did the verse find it necessary to state the seemingly superfluous information of how the woman became pregnant? The Sages derive from this wording that the verse is teaching us a natural phenomenon whereby the male gender derives from the female’s seed, while the female gender derives from the male’s seed.

In this Maamar, the Alter Rebbe delves into the implications of this saying of Chazal, explaining how it is not merely asserting a biological phenomenon but actually teaching us a great lesson in understanding the harmony of marriage and the makeup of the male and female partners as well.

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