B"H Sunday, 14 Iyar 5779 | May 19 2019
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It is Completely Beyond Comprehension

. . . The recent emphasis on the imminence of the Redemption (especially) at this time – arouses an incredulous question: how is it possible that notwithstanding all these aspects [indications of the Geulah] – we have not yet brought about the coming of our righteous Moshiach in actuality? ! . . . a matter which is completely beyond comprehension!

Equally incredible – that when ten (and many times ten) Jews gather together, and in an auspicious time with rega rd to Redemption, and nevertheless, they don't clamor and “storm” to cause the coming of Moshiach immediately and instantly, and it's acceptable to them, G–d forbid, that Moshiach won't come this night, and also tomorrow our righteous Moshiach won't come, nor the day after tomorrow our righteous Moshiach won't come, G–d forbid!!

Also, when they do cry out " Ad Mosai " [until when will we remain in exile] – it's because they were told to do so etc. If they would have meant it and requested it and cried sincerely – with absolute certainty Moshiach would have already come!! What more can I do to motivate all the Jewish people to clamor and cry out sincerely and thus bring about the coming of Moshiach in actuality?

Since all that was done until now, has had no effect , and the proof is, that we are still in exile, and most essentially – in an inner exile regarding Divine service. . .The only thing I am able to do – is to give this matter over to you : Do everything in your ability – things that are in the manner of lights of Tohu , but, in vessels of Tikkun – to bring Moshiach in actuality instantly and immediately!

And may it be Hashem’s will that ultimately ten Jews will be found who are "persistent" enough that they must prevail by Hash em, and certainly they will prevail by Hashem – as it is written (Tissa 34:9): "For this is a stiff-necked people (in a virtuous sense, and therefore) You will pardon our wrong- doing and our sin and take us for Your own possession" – to actually bring the true and complete Geula immediately, in actual reality.

In order to add even more alacrity and haste to the Redemption through my actions – I will increase and give to each and every one of you shlichus–mitzva to give to tzedekah [charity], for "great is tzedakah , in that it brings the Geulah nearer” (Bava Basra 10a. And see Tanya ch. 37).

I have done my part, and from now on you must do all that you can. And may it be Hashem’s will that there will be among you one, two, three that will devise a plan what to do and how to do it, and the most essential thing is that you should bring about the true and complete Redemption in actuality and immediately, with joy and gladness of heart.

(Sichas Chof Ches Nissan, 5751)

"It is the duty of every Jew, man and woman, young and old, to ask themselves: What have I done and what am I doing to ease the birth-pangs of Moshiach and to merit the complete Geulah through our righteous Moshiach?" (Hayom Yom)


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