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Printing Tanyas Hastens the Geulah


. . .It has recently been suggested with a suggestion and bakosha nafshis (soul-request) to print he sefer haTanya – the Written Torah of Chassidus (Chabad) – everywhere in each and every place where Jews are living, as this brings Torah in all these places. Particularly when we are standing in the final days of golus – this is even more important.

Because the sefer haTanya is also associated with the coming of king Moshiach, as Moshiach told the Baal Shem Tov that he will come when the fountains of his teachings will spread forth outward (as is written in the well-known Epistle of the Baal Shem Tov regarding this), And the sefer haTanya is part of spreading the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov outwards as is written clearly in the approbation HaRHaCH mhur”r RY”L haKohen to the sefer haTanya ), thus when the sefer haTanya is disseminated we are hastening even more the coming of king Moshiach.

Being that the imminent Geula will be that not one single Jew will remain in golus, and as long as there is one Jew in golus all other Jews remain in golus as well as Shechinta b’golusa, the Divine Presence remains in golus – this is “as in the days when you went out of Egypt” (Michah 7;15) when not one Jew remained in golus Mitzraim [by contrast to other Redemptions – from the Babylonian exile, the exile of Persia and Modei and Greece – that after the Babylonian exile there were Jews who remained in Babylon similarly by the others] – we therefore need now to disseminate the fountains of the Baal Shem Tov , including, obviously through the study of Tanya (and consequently it’s printing) – which hastens the Geula – everywhere where there are Jews living, even merely one Jew. Because it affects the Geula of all Jews, and the Divine Presence which is in golus, that each and every single Jew wherever he may be should go out of golus. And through this we prepare every place and every Jew to when “Kingship will be the Lo-rds” (Ovadia 1;21) in the imminent Geula.

Being that there needs to be dissemination of the fountains to the outside, not merely the waters of the fountains, but the fountains themselves - it is therefore not sufficient to bring from another place a Tanya to every place where Jews are living, but it is necessary to print the Tanya in this place itself, we thus have the fountains themselves (not merely the waters of the fountain which come from a “fountain” in another place).

The intention in all this is the dissemination of the fountains outward – that the books of the teachings (fountains), in our case the Tanya , should not remain between two covers, but it should be studied in the place where it was printed, it is therefore necessary to leave in the place of the printing a considerable number of the sifrei haTanya in order that the Jews there should be able to study it constantly.

In Kedusha (holiness) everything needs to be in an orderly way – and the Rebbe my saintly father-in-law emphasized strongly that there must be seder . . . . Similarly too, the printing of the sifrei haTanya – needs to be with a seder: Those who print the sifrei haTanya must do it with permission from the “Kehos” faculty, because only them did the Rebbe my saintly father-in-law – who is the successor of the Alter Rebbe - give permission to print the sfrei Chassidus and sifrei Nigleh which they print.

Therefore everyone who prints a Tanya must get permission and arrange it with the “Kehos” faculty, and it is appropriate to know how many Tanyas everyone is printing in his place, and every new Tanya which is printed should have as the publisher’s addition – the [updated] list of all the printings until his etc. - and each one should help and encourage his brother. (Sh”p Teruma, 5744 - Likkutei Sichos v. 26 p. 379)

For the Sicha in Loshon Kodesh

10 Elul 5773