B"H Sunday, 21 Iyar 5779 | May 26 2019
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An Encoded Bas Mitzvah Letter

The year: 5743. Chana, a young daughter of Anash, was becoming a Bas Mitzvah, and was about to write the traditional letter to the Rebbe, requesting a brocho for this auspicious milestone in her life.

Chana, a sensitive young girl, wished to add something to her letter. As a Chassidishe girl, she knew that one doesn't only ask, but one bestows, as well. She wanted to give something to the Rebbe, from the depths of her young and pure heart. After much thought, she decided to give the Rebbe a brocho for children! But, being that this was a delicate topic, she wanted it to be between her and the Rebbe.

How could she make sure that absolutely no one would share her private brocho to the Rebbe? Chana had a brilliant idea: she would encode her message, and thus it would remained her secret, shared only with her beloved Rebbe.

One day Chana's father came home with the familar envelope in his hand: a letter from the Rebbe! The entire family gathered around to hear him read aloud the Rebbe's holy brocho in honor of Chana's Bas Mitzvah. The letter concluded with three seemingly garbled words. Tatty tried hard, but couldn't figure out what they meant. Chana's facial expression didn't change. She didn't give away her secret, but she was sure she knew what those words meant.

Later on, she took the holy letter, and in the privacy of her room, she deciphered the Rebbe's three precious and secret words: תודה על הברכה -Todah ak habracha (thank you for the brocho).


18 Tammuz 5773