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Main Speaker at the Farbrengen: Moshiach
The Main Speaker Will Be Moshiach Tzidkeinu!

... It is suggested with a “Bakasha Nafshis” (request from the soul) to Jews in the entire world: This coming Shabbos, parshas Bamidbar , during the time of Minchah - Jewish people everywhere, from all segments, should gather in a farbrengen - men, women and children:[of course – separately], in a manner of "one man with one mind” – first an “external” unity and then it becomes [“with one heart”-] also “b’pnimiyus” – internally.

And to make this gathering of friends with a festive meal which is a mitzvah on Shabbos – particularly drinking wine and saying “l’Chaim” to all the assembled – and this should bring the Geula (which is the objective of these farbrengens ).

Certainly words of Torah will be spoken at these gatherings, and of course among the topics should be emphasized Ahavas Yisroel and Jewish unity, and the Geula . Starting with what appears in the Written Torah: "Love your neighbor as yourself," on which, “Rebbi Akiva sa id this is a great principle of Torah,” and hich was also interpreted (by Hillel) as: “That is the whole Torah while the rest is commentary thereof....”

Then, following through the practical halachic details, as described in the Rambam, in the revealed as well as the esoteric part of Torah. The main thing is to speak in a pleasant and peaceful way, with words coming from the heart, [not to speak in a condescending way, and not even as a teacher and mentor; but to tell that person that this is not my own idea, I am merely telling you to look into the sources as they are in Torah, and then you will certainly be inspired and excited even more than I am!]

It should also be emphasized, that when we increase our love for fe llow Jews and intensify Jewish Unity, the causes of the golus (which was caused by the opposite of Ahavas Yisrael ) will be eliminated and the golus will disappear.

The subjects for discussion should obviously be chosen with consideration of the listeners, so that it will grasped and understood and inspire the listeners. Hopefully, the enthusiasm will be contagious and they will also influence others, strengthen and encourage others, to further the goals of Jewish Unity.

If, for some reason, these gatherings cannot take place on Shabbos then they should be scheduled for a later appropr iate day.

It is very important that this call should be publicized and conveyed to the widest possible listeners. Those who will carry out this mission should involve themselves with energy, enthusiasm, vigor and excitement.

They should keep in mind that this is “soulfully” essential for the Jewish people, and that we are dealing with an exceptional and unusual matter. Practically speaking. Preparation for these activities, and appropriate publicity should start as soon as possible and every moment of the day should be properly utilized.

The approach must be in a pleasant and peaceful manner, day by day, leading up to the coming Shabbos and especially the time of “greatest delight” (late afternoon), when everyone will gather together.

Although in every time zone on the globe the time of Minchah is different, nevertheless, the people gathering in that location are united, additionally, different time zones are only down here in this physical world, but in the spiritual realm they all unite so that all Jews will be united at once as truly one.

However, the “famous question” arises: from where will there be money to cover all the expenses of arranging the farbrengens? The first answer is that in each place they will certainly find the necessary funds locally, especially since everyone knows that in matters of holiness we must participate with our money, which indicates how important the matter is.

However, if there should be a place where the problem of finances will withhold any of the potential activities, then, after the program has been completed, they should inform at a central office in that place (or to the local Rabbi) and they should send the detailed-expenses to here, and from here the necessary funds will be forwarded to cover the expenses - with happiness and gladness of heart.

May it be Hashem's will that our good resolution which are accepting now will forthwith bring the reward that is fitting for Ahavas Yisroel and Jewish Unity - the end of the golus. And we will speedily merit the true and complete Geula through Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

Especially when we are standing close to the end of Shabbos - the "meal of Dovid the King Moshiach"; and with Moshiach we will celebrate - next Shabbos - the true great assembly of all the Jewish people as its written “a great assembly will return.”

And all who “rest in the dust will arise,” with Moshe and Aharon among them, and Rashbi and all the righteous sages and princes of our people - and also the Previous Rebbe.

The main speaker at that ultimate gathering will be Moshiach Tzidkeinu, who will teach to all the people the new, esoteric Torah, in a manner of "seeing." And then the count of the Jewish people will be completed, through Moshiach the first redeemer and the last redeemer, actually in our time.

(Shabbos Parshas Bechukosai, 22 Iyar 5746)

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