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Why the Constant Talk about Moshiach?!


... Our Sages tell us (Berachos 33b) “all matters are in the hands of Heaven except matters concerning the fear of Heaven”. Spiritual and heavenly matters are dependent on the free-choice of every individual. In matters concerning ones spiritual growth and wellbeing we do not say “we have no one to rely but for our Father in Heaven” (Sotah 49a), but we must take the initiative. We must demand “why should we be deprived?”

G-d wants that a Jew should demand his spiritual needs, and when one expresses his yearning and craving for his spirituality, when one reaches out, his efforts are reciprocated, as we see with Pesach Sheni, that following the protest “why should we be deprived” — G-d gave them a new mitzvah of Pesach Sheni. But one must take the initiative.

The expression “we have no one to rely but for our Father in Heaven” is one of the curses of the golus. It is an indication of the darkness of the golus right before Moshiach’s coming. Our Sages explain (Sefer haSichos 5702) the reason why it is an indication of the deep golus: Because with this one “justifies: himself why he is doing nothing; it is a cop out. Being that we have no one to rely on but for our Father in Heaven.

In matters of “fear of Heaven” the Torah says “all matters are in the hands of Heaven except matters concerning the fear of Heaven”.

There is another lesson from Pesach Sheni being initiated by the Jewish people: There are those that complain, why is there constant talk about Moshiach’s coming? “Ani maamin (I believe in the coming of Moshiach . . . I await his coming every day” — why is this needed, they ask, why can’t we just rely on G-d that He will send Moshiach when He sees fit to redeem the Jewish people?

In response to this question comes the lesson from Pesach Sheni:Although this mitzvah could have been given like all other 247 (positive) mitzvos, however G-d wanted to hear the protest and demand of the Jewish people who did not want to be deprived of this mitzvah. The same also applies to our demand for the coming of Moshiach!

Not only is this not against Torah, G-d forbid, but on the contrary, the Torah commands us to demand the Geulah, as our Sages, the “Anshei knesess hagdolah” (Men of the Great Assembly) instituted the “shemonei esrei” prayer “Speedily cause the scion of Dovid Your servant to flourish . . for we hope for Your salvation every day”; “May our eyes behold your return to Zion in mercy” — and we are not content with this once a day but we persistently repeat this three times daily.

And by demanding the Geulah the Jewish people hasten the coming of Moshiach, that he come quicker than without the demand.

My Father-in-law, the Rebbe said about Pesach Sheni, that it is never too late. One can always rectify. Also if we previously did not focus on these lessons of Pesach-Sheni we can now take the inspiration, to focus our efforts to demand the coming of Moshiach, may he come immediately. (Sicha of Pesach Sheni 5744)

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