B"H Friday, 12 Tishrey 5779 | September 21 2018
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New Shluchim Enlist in The Rebbe's Army
New Shluchim join the Rebbe's Army: Rabbi Yehoshua and Yehudis Fuchs, along with their five children, will be moving on Shlichus to Budapest Hungary, where they will join the growing contingency of Shluchim to spread Torah and Judaism in the eastern European city.

Rabbi Fuchs will serve the community by giving a daily Shiur, as well as performing Shchita and Bedika to supply the community with kosher meat.

Mrs. Fuchs – a Hungarian native – will teach at the Chabad Day School, which has just moved into a beautifully renovated new building.

The Fuchs family is the third couple in just the last few months to arrive in Hungary on Shlichus. They were preceded by Rabbi Shmuel and Dubi Oirechman from Kfar Chabad, and Rabbi Shlomo Dov and Chaya Mushka Zalmanov from Crown Heights.

17 Tammuz 5772