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Lawyer Lectures on Shleimus Haaretz

Lawyer Mark Langfan Speaks To Shluchim About Security Concerns

Mark Langfan has an unusual hobby. He spends his time and a lot of his money creating attractive booklets and pages that explain in multiple languages the dangers of Israel pursuing a road of Land for Peace. Speaking in English to a mostly Israeli crowd of Lubavitcher Shluchim Sunday, Rosh Chodesh Kislev, he managed to convey to an unbelieving audience his heartfelt message that Land for Peace is a lie.

The mostly Israeli audience comprising a small part of the hundreds of Chabad emissaries that made their way to Crown Heights to participate in the annual conference of Shluchim, could not believe that a man could burn with such a passion for their Rebbe’s cause and for the cause of saving Israeli Jews from a Holocaust. In short, they could not believe Mark was for real.

But he soon captured their hearts despite the lack of internet connections for his presentation and poor speaking facilities.
First of all, Mark has spent years researching the military problems with giving away Israeli land that was won fair and square in four wars in which the Jewish nation was attacked and fighting a very defensive war and nevertheless won.

Not only has he researched the problems, but with his hobby of Topography and a good eye for graphics, Mark has created a short show which quickly explains the shortcomings of giving even one inch of land to a dangerous terrorist enemy. An enemy Israel is trying to fruitlessly convince its Jewish citizens that is now “our friend”.

In his quest for truth, Mark has been invited to make presentations before Congress, before the military and has sought out the ear of senators and congressmen willing to give him a few moments of their busy time. “When congressmen go to Israel, they know the facts better than most Israelis” Mark told us. His fame in the Jewish community is apparent.

A self proclaimed expert? Mark says “No. I am a lawyer. I know how to argue and what I am arguing is the truth. Bring me as an expert and the other side will be hard pressed to bring someone who can say otherwise”. He told us. “Because they can’t.”

He isn’t kidding. How many people know the actual range of a Ketusha ? About 19 miles! (although our audience contained seasoned military veterans who told us 24 miles is the latest range) How about that they are equipped to propel deadly chemical or biological warfare? How many people realize that the 7 to 12 mile strip of land starting from Tel Aviv and going up to Netanyah is on the downhill slope of a chain of hills that will be given to a dangerous enemy known to have short and long range missles?

Wiki had this to add:
Israel captured BM-24 MRLs during the Six-Day War (1967), used them in two battalions during the Yom Kippur War (1973) and the 1982 Lebanon War, and later developed the MAR-240 launcher for the same rockets, based on a Sherman tank chassis. During the 2006 Lebanon War, Hezbollah fired between 3,970 and 4,228 rockets, from light truck-mounts and single-rail man-portable launchers. About 95% of these were 122 mm (4.8 in) Syrian-manufactured Bm-21 artillery rockets, which carried warheads up to 30 kg (66 lb) and had a range of up to 30 km (19 mi). Hamas has launched 122-mm “Grad-type Katyusha” rockets from the Gaza Strip against several cities in Israel, although they are not reported to have truck-mounted launchers.

Mark includes specs for the Ketusha’s which were instrumental in destroying Hitler’s mighty legions in World War II. A cheap rocket fired out of tubes that is easily smuggled anywhere and is capable of inflicting horrible damage on Tel Aviv and the other cities on Israel’s Mediterranean seaboard hardly the weapon of choice, but fired downhill with only a minute or two warning can do untold damage.

A Lubavitcher Shaliach sitting next to me, Rabbi Yehuda Friedman of Flatbush was stunned. “He has put more into this than most Lubavitchers!” I had to agree. Even though the multinational crowd had a hard time following the English, Mark said: “No Problem! I have everything in Hebrew.” As we watched he pulled out the material in Arabic and he told us, that it is also available in French, Russian, Spanish and even Indian.

“If you want to bring this to court in Israel” he told us: “Call me! I am a lawyer and they will listen.” We had to agree. His website: www.MarkLangfan.com is loaded to the gills with free plagerizable information, maps, charts and other materials to make the complex simple. From Marks presentation and heartfelt arguments, one is left with an inevitable truth: “The Peace that Israel wants us to be believe will happen, will never happen. It can never happen.

One Shliach suggested that Mark approach AIPAC. “AIPAC will never invite me” he told the man. “Why not? Doesn’t AIPAC support Israel?” In a nice way Mark explained that he does not stand for their agenda. The rest of us knew what he meant. Since early 1995, AIPAC has officially endorsed the Israeli Peace plan.

Telling us about his adventures in Washington, for which he was awarded by ZOA, “If you have a shul or group, call me and I will come and talk to them”. One Rabbi asked him on the spot to come to his shul in Tampa. “No Problem!” Mark replied.
He isn’t kidding. In 1996, he was asked to present to the US Army reasoning in defense of why Israel should not withdraw from Golan:

Mark Langfan and Dore Gold propose that upon regaining control of the Golan, Syria will flood the territory with Syrian population by resettling the 100,000-130,000 citizens that evacuated during the 1967 war in order to reestablish sovereignty. Mr. Langfan proposes that these civilians would be potentially hostile and might attack U.S. forces with "mines, remote controlled [road] side-bombs, snipers, grenade launchers or even suicide "Beirut" type car bombs."
Speaking in an interview on Arutz Sheva recently Mark put it this way:
“NATO and the entire EU now has an absolute vested interest against the establishment of an autonomous Palestinian state in the "West Bank". It has become abundantly clear that if such a state was in existence Hamas would smuggle in thousands of katyusha rockets with chemical warheads that have the power to wipe out the entire Tel Aviv coastal plain that holds 5 million Jews - in one evening."

Mark was invited to speak by Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo of The Gush Katif Museum & SOS-Israel with the generous assistance of Chabad4Israel staffers who helped make the event possible. Space was donated by Aishel Hachnossos Orchim and scheduled by the Kinus Committee of Beis Moshiach.

Mark isavailable to speak.  His mail:  mapmun@aol.com, or call 212-832-0200.
Written by: Raanan Isseroff – raanan@Chabad4Israel.org

2 Kislev 5772