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Dr. Surkin, the doctor treating Daniel (at right) and Daniel at left
Dr. Surkin, the doctor treating Daniel (at right) and Daniel at left
"Daniel donned Tefilin

"I started to put the tefilin on his hand," Rabbi Spalter said, "and he opened his eyes
Avi Shreiber

As already reported, Daniel Wultz, 16, an American teen from Florida is in critical condition in a Tel Aviv hospital following injuries he suffered during a terrorist attack last week in downtown Tel Aviv. Daniel's rabbi, Rabbi Yisroel Spalter of Chabad in Weston, made a special trip from Florida to Israel yesterday in order to be with the family in time of their need.

Today Rabbi Spalter visited the family in the hospital again and prayed alongside Daniel's bed. Later, he discussed Daniel's condition with the doctors treating him. Rabbi Spalter was surprised to learn that the doctor treating Daniel is also a member of the Chabad movement, Dr. Patrick Surkin.

Rabbi Spalter told Shturem that he was delighted when the doctor suggested that he don Tefilin with Daniel. "Actually Daniel would don tefilin every day. But after the blast the family gave a scribe to check the Tefilin and found them to be "posul" (not kosher).

"I started to put  the tefilin on his hand," Rabbi Spalter said, "and right before our very eyes Daniel opened his eyes and stared at us despite his comatose state. Maybe it was just a reflex maybe not, but the fact that it happened precisely when the Tefilin were placed on his hand shocked us all, even the doctors were surprised.

"The family members who were present could not hold back their tears and were full of emotions. I cannot describe to you the electricity that flowed through the room then. It was one of the most moving and emotional experiences I ever witnessed.

"Daniel is still in critical condition and in a coma. In the next few days the doctors will decide on the quantity and type of medication to treat Daniel with in order to get him out of his deep sleep," Rabbi Spalter told Shturem. 

26 Nisan 5766
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1. homemaker
I am a traditional Latin mass Catholic, I am praying for Daniel.
28 Nisan 5766
2. sir
Is one permitted to put Tefflin on a person who is comatose?
28 Nisan 5766
3. Condolences
My family and I grieve along with you over the death of Daniel Wultz. Our hearts and prayers are with you, and his family and friends. God bless you all.
18 Iyar 5766