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IsraelHomefront Diary:  10 of Teves

As the war intensifies in Gaza, and the prayers of all Am Yisroel are focused on Eretz Yisroel, Tzeirei Chabad, under the guidance of Rabbi Joseph Aronov, has decided to initiate a massive campaign directed toward the soldiers and the people living under fire. They are calling up Chabad reservists to volunteer and become involved with the spiritual war effort.

To assist in this effort, Tzeirei Chabad of Israel has printed 500,000 booklets with special prayers from Tehillim, with Tefilat Haderech (travelers prayer), with the blessings for Tefillin, and Shema Yisroel. It also includes special words of encouragement and blessings from the Rebbe to the soldiers along with his picture.

The booklet was printed in both Hebrew and Russian. A special booklet has also been printed to be distributed to the people living in direct range of the rocket attacks. This booklet has the heading: *"Haemunah He Hakoach. Hamesoret - Otzmah. Nitached, Nitchazek, Ninatzeach".*

 Loosely translated, this means: Faith is our strength. Tradition gives us might. Let's unite, strengthen each other, and we will be victorious.

In this booklet for the people under attack, there are words of Torah and encouragement, a call for unity among both the religious and the not-yet-religious and among the right and the left, and suggestions of Mitzvot to consider in order to strengthen ourselves and the army. Suggestions for mitzvoth include: Teffilin, Tzedakah, Mezuzah, Shabbos
candles, Tehillim etc.

Bumper stickers and billboards are supporting this campaign as well as signs that people can put in from of their homes encouraging everyone to accept another Mitzvah in honor of our soldiers.

One of the signs with pictures of tefillin and soldiers etc. reads: Putting on Tefillin gives might to the soldiers, strengthens Israel and causes our enemies to fear us. Another one reads: Lighting Shabbos candles is the best ammunition we have. (The word Neshek is a pun that means both Shabbos candles and ammunition.)

All of this is, of course, in addition to the ongoing work we are doing already which includes visiting the soldiers and the families with Tefillin, food packages, and words of encouragement and hope.

Let us all hope and pray that this campaign will be the final thing needed to win the ultimate war on Galus. May we see it today.

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Yossi Swerdlov


10 Tevet 5769