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Mumbai Today
Mumbai Today
Terrorists Have Food Stocks for Three Days
The six terrorists who have made an Israeli family hostage at Nariman House building in Colaba can battle with the security agencies for at least three days without having to worry about food, local residents claimed on Thursday.

“The terrorists came to Colaba on Wednesday evening,” Mukund Shelke, who runs a grocery shop at Colaba Market, said. “Before barging into Nariman House, they had purchased adequate food to last them at least three days,” he said.

“They had purchased around two crates of chicken and liquor worth Rs25,000 from two shops in Colaba,” another resident Joseph D’Mello said. “They then entered the Nariman House building and took the Israeli family captive.”

The locals said the terrorists were youths. Nobody suspected them to be being radicals, they said.

It could not be ascertained from where they made the purchases, since all the shops in Colaba were closed on Thursday due to the heavy posse of security personnel.

Some residents claimed that the suspects were keeping track of the police’s movements through a television in Nariman House.

“When the news of top police officials getting killed flashed in the television, we heard loud noises from the flat. It seemed they were celebrating,” Anand Raorane, a resident
in a building opposite Nariman House, said.


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1. Very queer
“They had purchased around two crates of chicken and liquor worth Rs25,000 from two shops in Colaba,” another resident Joseph D’Mello said.

And you still believe in this crap? Being fundamentalist and buying liquor? Doesn't any alarm bell ring in your heads? This is the usual mantra of Pakistani/Muslim involvement. Grow up and think!
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2. And eating hindu chicken is haram too...
Hmmm... Consumption of chicken killed by cow-worshipping hindus is haram.
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3. India has lot of people to do it why would Pakistan be required
There are 22 active insurgencies in India.
Indian muslims are living the lives of animals.
Indian Sikhs religious site was desecrated by Indian army.
They have lot of people to do it from within. How could someone from Pakistan come, have such detailed knowledge of the area and at the same time keep Pakistan ID, pakistani mobile phones and all the stuff they are saying about Pakistani involvement. Please ponder upon all of this.
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4. Saffron Terrorism
There are about 110 "terror" groups within India... Despite this reality, the Indian media portrays Pakistan and the ISI as some sort of super natural beings who can do anything from starting and insurgency in Kashmir to giving Sonia Gandhi a stomach ache.

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