B"H Sunday, 21 Iyar 5779 | May 26 2019
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Rubashkin with Workers
Rubashkin with Workers
Iowa: Rubashkin Released B"H
Shmais, VIN


The following item was found on the Shmais website:
SHMAIS.com has learned that Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin has B"H just been released. May we continue to share ONLY good news.
We thank everyone for their Tehillim.

In an update from the VIN news site, the following details have been publicized:
Rubashkin was in federal court in Cedar Rapids this afternoon At the hearing, Rubashkin waived his right to a preliminary hearing and also declined to comment.

He did not enter a plea, but his attorney said Rubashkin would plead not guilty at his arraignment.
Rubashkin was released, after agreeing to surrender his passport and the passport of his wife, to wear a GPS ankle bracelet, restrict his travel to the northern district of Iowa and execute a $1 million bond, $500,000 of which must be secured by Wednesday.

Prosecutors are concerned Rubashkin could be a flight risk. Because of his access to substantial assets.


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