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Rabbi Kirshenzaft: "Many ignored me"

Three years after the horrific disengagement from Gush Katif and Rabbi Yigal Kirshenzaft, who is the Chabad shliach in Gush Katif is still optimistic.
Shmuel Kaminker

Three years after the horrific disengagement from Gush Katif and Rabbi Yigal Kirshenzaft, who is the Chabad shliach in Gush Katif is still optimistic. He knows that it is forbidden to sink into despair like many of his neighbors have done. He serves as a ray of hope and optimism.

Located in the settlement of Nitzan between Ashkelon and Ashdod in a caravan, Shturem.net met with Rabbi Kirshenzaft. He says that all the talk about compensation and that the government would provide adequate housing and jobs for the evacuees is only talk.

But despite the daily hardships Rabbi Kirshenzaft has not given up hope. Last year he opened a mobile library which includes educational video tapes, DVD's and discs. He told Shturem that this library is a life-saver for the youth who have nothing to do.

Special thanks to Ezra Lane for his assistance in preparing this report.

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2 Elul 5768
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1. Shlichus
This is Shlichus at it's best. Kepp it up and provide an example of what the rest of chabad should be doing!
2 Elul 5768
2. Chazak Ve-ematz
Rabbi Kirshenzaft , when people would write into the Rebbe they feel alone the Rebbe would say, you are not alone, I am with each one of you.

You should know if no one else is with you (and unfortunately sometimes it may be true even when it comes to peope you would expect - ain mishpocho, should be there) -- The Rebbe is for sure with you.

You are an inspiration and may Hashem bless you.

is there a way people can donate to your Bais Chabad???
2 Elul 5768
3. WOW
The Rabbi is a Tzadik mamash. Chabad is complacent and afraid to stick its neck out like the Rebbe showed us. Chabad today wants to make everyone happy and is not standing up to the principles that guide our mission. We all want everyone to think of the Rebbe waving his holy hand to children at the Lag B'omer parade and that's it.

Where is leadership in Chabad today???? You know where???.. in Rabbis like this one.

G-d bless you and your family and all your special Shlichus.
2 Elul 5768
4. Appeal from an old man
There is no doubt that if hundreds of Bochorim who wandered about "aimlessly" in the Diaspora prior to the diesengagement, would have left their comfortable lives, and settled in Gush Katif, no power on earth would have been able to evict thousands of Jews from their homes.
In June 2004 Chabad in Israel and Women in green organised a 90km. human chain.
The magazine in Kfar Chabad issued a article which stated that the Rebbe would have appealed to all young Chabadniks in the Diaspora to suspend all Kiruv and join in the protest.
In S. Africa, where I lived at the time, exactly one old man responded to the "Rebbe's appeal"
Today when Eretz Yisrael cries out for young (and old) Torah Jews to populate the Land- especially Yesha- we find that Chabadniks (and others) prefer to remain in their exilic Lands.
The future of the Jewish nation does NOT depend on strengthening the Galut, but solely on strenthening Eretz Yisrael.
It makes no sense to pour millions of dollars and much manpower into foreign lands and at the same time "demand" Mashiach now.
Choni Davidowitz
2 Elul 5768
5. An Easy Solution
Every chabad family who is able should adopt one of the families from Gush Katif and do whatever they can to help them.
3 Elul 5768