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Governor Sarah Palin, far right, listens as Chabad's Rabbi Yossi Greenberg addresses Anchorage's Jewish community recently.
Governor Sarah Palin, far right, listens as Chabad's Rabbi Yossi Greenberg addresses Anchorage's Jewish community recently.
Alaska's Jewish Community on Palin Selection

Sarah Palin has established a great relationship with the Jewish community over recent years, and has attended several of our Jewish cultural gala events, said Rabbi Yossel Greenberg, Chabad emissary in Alaska.

The Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in Alaska, Rabbi Yossi Greenberg, said that Alaka's Governor Sarah Palin has "established a great relationship with the Jewish community over recent years, and has attended several of our Jewish cultural gala events,” he told Lubavitch.com

Palin has shown solidarity with Israel by signing a State of Alaska Resolution recognizing Israel's 60th Anniversary and its relationship with Alaska. In the resolution, Governor Palin pointed to Alaska’s special connection to Israel dating back to Alaska Airlines’ participation in the rescue of 40,000 Yemenite Jews when it airlifted them from Yemen to Tel Aviv during 1948 and 1949.

Drafted by members of the Alaska Legislation and heavily supported by Speaker of the House, Representative John Harris, Governor Palin signed the resolution in the presence of Alaska’s Jewish community leaders this June.

According to Greenberg, Governor Palin had plans to visit Israel with members of the Jewish community, which did not happen yet because of scheduling conflicts.

On a personal level, Greenberg was “impressed by Governor Palin’s remarks of hope and faith when she gave birth to a child with special needs.” Her words, he observed, were completely aligned with Judaism’s traditional views on embracing the birth of child with special needs as a gift of G-d, no less than is the birth of any baby.

Though Greenberg was unequivocal in stating that Chabad representatives do not endorse political candidates, and as spiritual leaders reach out to anyone regardless of political affiliation, he did say, "We all feel that the Governor is a remarkable, energetic, and good person."

In a special interview with Shturem.net Greenberg was asked about the rumors that she had supported Pat Buchanan in the past, Greenberg said, "I heard about it now for the first time. I can tell you this, from the time she became governor she has always supported the Jewish community and Israel and even sponsored a bill on behalf of Israel. She always comes to our events and she is really a very amazing woman.

"She may lack knowledge on matters pertaining to foreign policy but she is a quick learner, and besides, every president has advisers around him. She is a very good person, she is very honest, a very dedicated and wonderful mother.

Asked if being elected will force her to neglect her children, Greenberg said "absolutely not, she is a remarkable woman. She even takes her baby that was born with special needs to some of her meetings and public events. She is a mother first."

 (After the interview with Rabbi Greenberg, Shturem.net was informed that Governor Palin had actually supported Buchanan's competitor Steve Forbes at the time).

30 Av 5768
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1. Palin
The real untisemites are the Jewish Dems in Congress.They are traitors to USA and Israel.

I am Jew and very much proud of it.
1 Elul 5768
2. McCain and the Jews
There is no better friend to Israel then The War Hero, John McCain. He calls Israel "our natural ally."
In Late July he said:
"There will nOT be nother Holocaust" with regard to the NUCLEAR Iran and daily threats about the survival of Israel,
1 Elul 5768
3. Palin
She is the real deal. She will be able to "stand the heat" and keep her convictions.
1 Elul 5768
4. NObama
100% in agreement with #1 .
McCain-Palin 08!!!
2 Elul 5768
5. G-D
What's the matter can't you spell God without feeling guilty?
2 Elul 5768
Israel is the apple of God's eye. God says, I wil bless those who bless thee and I will curse those who curse thee. I truly hope Sarah Palin believes that.
2 Elul 5768
7. McCain/Palin
I am happy to hear that both McCain and Palin are on the side of Isreal and the Jews.
2 Elul 5768
8. This is wonderful to see!
I am so happy to see that Gov Palin is a strong supporter of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. I too am a strong supporter and have visited Israel and love the country and its wonderful people! Israel will play a huge part in the future as it is the home of God's chosen people. Many of us as Christains feel that support of Israel is a highly important thing for any candidate and would never vote for anyone who opposes Israel! I pray that God will richly bless Gov. Palin and guide her now and when she becomes our vice president! I would caution everyone not to support or vote for the Democrats! They are a grave danger both to our nation and Israel!
2 Elul 5768
9. Wonderful to learn of Palin's support for Israel
This is another wonderful piece of news for me. I too am a strong supporter of Israel, have visited that wonderful land and love the land and the people. Support of Israel is a very key thing for me and I would not vote for any candidate who does not support Israel. I would caution everyone not to vote for the Democrats! The Jewish people have much support among Christians here in the USA. We know how inportant Israel is!
2 Elul 5768
10. Jewish liberals ignore anti Semites in the DemocRat party.
Jewish liberals are the first to smear any conservative as anti Semite but ignore Democrat anti Semites like the vile Jew hating Carter and the Clintons. Now they embrace the half black Islamo communist Obama just because he's a Democrat. The Democrats have been anti Jewish for many years and got a clean pass from these liberals. They even worship the Jew hating Franklin Roosevelt who closed America's doors to Jews while he perfidiously knew of what the Nazis were doing. He did not even bomb the death factories or pressure the British to end the blockade of the land of Israel.
2 Elul 5768
2 Elul 5768
12. Palin
it still goes to show that Israel is still God's chosen people to send a miricle like this to them and everyone.
2 Elul 5768
13. Palin and McCain
Palin and McCain are both honorable people, who understand we must as a nation and as individuals stand with our brothers and sisters the Jews and the nation of Israel. If you have been raised as a Christian with a solid biblical background you just know this in your heart.
2 Elul 5768
14. David
I am glad that folks are seeing that us Republicans are supporters of Israel. I always supported Israel and anyone who retruly believes it our only true ALLY in the Middle East and Hope that McCain will not support the Division of Israel's Captial as it will only strengthen Israel's and America's Enemies in the world.
2 Elul 5768
15. The Alaska Jewish community supports McCain and Palin
Wow, the jews have found Alaska, looks like jews are hiding everywhere from the next holocaust.

Israel gets 3 billion a year at the same time US citizens are being told our nation cannot afford Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or Veterans benefits.

We wouldnt even be in Iraq and Afghanistan if it wasnt for the american jewish community that repeatedly exhibits more loyalty to Israel than it does to the nation of their birth. The US.

Trillions of dollars in debt because of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars! TRILLIONS!

Greenspan a jew created the biggest bubble since the great depression!

Milton Freidman a jew and his justification for free movements of labor and free trade have created massive waves of immigration legal and illegal while outsourcing and offshoring entire industries from our nation.

Weingarten a jewish head of the Teachers Union sucks more money out of our property and school taxes for an educational buracracy that is THE MOST EXPENSIVE IN THE WORLD yet still produces a drop out rate of 50%.

Not to mention rampant spying by Israel and american jews on the US.

I wont even get into the jewish contributions to our society from hollywood, media, beatniks, hippies, wife swapping, orgies, sexual revolution, drugs, watergate impeachment of nixon by the jewish head of the washington post, birth control, abortion, anti-male feminism, anti-male family courts, etc.

With friends like jews no wonder hitler wanted your people exterminated.
2 Elul 5768
16. Why I support Mccain on Isreal
As a Jew I cannot support someone like Barrack Obama who has a former pastor who hates Jews and America in general. I will vote for McCain because of Palin. McCain and Obama both want annesty for all the illegal aliens in USA.. This is my biggest issue with McCain. McCain now has my vote.
2 Elul 5768
17. Joe Biden NOt pro-israel
Joe Biden is NOT pro-Israel. He has been receiving contributions from Iran for years--and has sought normalized relations with Iran because of the money he has received. This is a matter of public record--though Biden may say publically he supports Israel in order to get the Jewish vote--his actions say otherwise.
Hal Austin, Texas
2 Elul 5768
18. Palin
Thank you for setting the record straight about Palin, Forbes and Buchanan
2 Elul 5768
19. Randi
My Favorite President Obama I see of Next President of United States
2 Elul 5768
20. About G*d and/or G**; Post #5
I am a Goy, but I know it's PROPER, especially in Conservative and Orthodox Jewish denominatons, never to completely spell "God" out, as complete deference, love, and honor to Him. I guess I can get away with it, as I am a Protestant Christian.

Poster #5; I hope that I've effectively educated you. Only the Neo-Marxists, and that does include the Democratic Party, dares spell God, Yahweh, Jesus of Nazareth, and Jesus The Christ, using lower case, whilst capitalizing non-Judeo-Christian dieties.

Thanks a bunch, Shturem, for giving me another reason to vote McCain/Palin in '08; and, with you, Sarah, I AM IN LOVE!!
2 Elul 5768
21. Are your jewish sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Are your jewish sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan?

or do you just use your jewish money and jewish power and jewish lobby to send the sons and daughters of non-jews there in proxy wars for Israel?
2 Elul 5768
22. Rev Pasquale
She seems like a person of virtue.
2 Elul 5768
23. Gov Palin
Great read; Great Lady!!!


2 Elul 5768
24. @ #1
I'm NOT Jewish and agree with you 100%!
2 Elul 5768
25. Thomas Roy Bender
Seems like the Jewish Community of Alaska have more on the ball than the Jewish Community in the lower states.
Palin is great.
Obama is Muslim with ties to Radical Islam. He is a Racist and does not like the United States. He has and will continue to make anti-semetic statements. Wake up. Look at the people tha are his friends. Obama is no friend of the Jews.
My grand parents were Russian Orthodox, I'm Roman Catholic and my wife is Jewish. I see Obama and what he stands for from many viewpoints .
I hope this time around the Jewish Community stop voting for the party of Socialists, Communists and Nazis - the Democrats.
2 Elul 5768
26. brainwashed trash
typical Nazi scum trying to blame anything and everything on Jews. Islam is on the war path and is coming after ALL infidels. But these Nazis like to live in a make believe world where there would be no problems without Jews. All antisemites end up in hell, just like the white trash parents who brainwashed them
2 Elul 5768
27. Question about liberal Jews
As a Christian and a conservative Republican, I truly support israel and the Jewish Community. I don't understand how or why some Jews support the liberal Democrats knowing they want to see israel destroyed. Isn't this their homeland? Does this mean they've turned away from their Jewish faith and their people?
2 Elul 5768
28. As a fiscal conservative, anti-illegal immigration and supreme fighter of corruption
She is an extremely great choice in my opinion.

Nevertheless 90%+ American Jews will vote for Obama as they always do. In a big Jewish family, 100 or so immediate and extended voting family members, I am the only one who is voting Republican! My grandmother won't even talk to me. Amazing!
2 Elul 5768
29. Iraq for Israel
2 Elul 5768
30. McCain and Israel
I have had the pleasure of meeting John McCain at ALD dinners in Arizona. In more than 20 years representing Arizona first the Congress and then the Senate, he has always been a strong supporter of Israel. And it is a safe bet that his Minister for the last 20 years did not curse out Israel on a regular basis!
2 Elul 5768
31. Christian
I am a Christian first. If I had an alternative, I would not vote for McCain and definitely not OBama as the latter is a Marxist, racist ot the highest order. However, both are puppets and will do whatever they are told. I believe Palin gives a ray of hope. I am a long time supporter of Israel and even been there. Most of the Jewish people are blinded but the same evil one that blinds most people."...blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the gentiles be come in." There are evil Jews, there are evil gentiles, the likes of both who will do anything! 
2 Elul 5768
32. God's Blessing Of America
As a Christian I would never consider voting for anyone who did not truly support Israel. Our support of Israel is one of the main reasons that God has continued to bless America.
2 Elul 5768
33. Begin said:"We reject any American sacrifices
It is a Sturmer type NAZI propaganda to blame Jews for American involvement in Iraque. Toppling Saddam houssain did NOT serve Israeli interest thus the opposite, Saddam was an eternal enmy of Iran and of the Shiites including Hizbollah, he would not allow Iran develop nuclear weapons, he fought and hated Iran. In this regard he was a neutralizing force against Iran. The new Iraque is a natural ally of Iran and it turns out that US miscalculated the outcome. Similarly US , by supporting and strengthening theTaliban against the Soviets is now paying the price. Likewise, by creating a Muslim -Kososvo on Serbian land it indirectly provoked the russians to do the same in Caucassus. Irrespective, the few NAZI comments in this Comments session testifies that tha ther NAZI beast still has foothold in the US. Jews , beware, they are here!
2 Elul 5768
34. What's the deal with "G-d"
Is G-d the way you folks spell God? What's up with that? God is not a very difficult word to spell. Maybe this is the new ultra "hip" way to spell God. I think its goofy.
2 Elul 5768
35. mls
I am not Jewish, but my heart is. I love the Jews---G-d's chosen people!!!
2 Elul 5768
36. I am a liberal New York Jew and...
I am a liberal New York Jew who goes to shuel every week and volunteers at the synagogue from time to time, too. My girlfriend is on the board there.

I find it very strange that a single rabbi from Chabad is credited as a spokesperson for all of Alaskan Jewery.

Chabad-Lubuvich is a fundementalist organization which believes that a dead rabbi named Menachem Schneerson was the moshiach (messiah) and even built a replica of his Brooklyn townhouse in the Israeli dessert so that when he 'returns' (from heaven) he'll have a familiar place to stay. They do not represent the views of the majority of American Jews. My cousin got involved in this cult as a teenager; within a couple years he was writing me letters telling me not to associate with 'the goyim'.

That said their website is very useful for studying each week's torah portion.
2 Elul 5768
37. Mrs. Palin and Israel
I had a very good feeling about Mrs. Palin the first time I saw her and heard her speak. This news about supporting the Jewish folks in Alaska and Israel only helps confirm my gut feelings about her. Now, the only thing left that I need to hear (coming from her own mouth), is that SHE believes that Israel should NOT be divided and given away in any way shape or form! G-d is the deed holder of Israel, and HE gave it to the Jewish people, HIS chosen people. (Genesis 12:3). Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
3 Elul 5768
38. #34, YOU'RE WRONG!!
I am the goy from a few posts back, offereing the explanation for the reason my Hebrew Bretheren, spell "God", as "G*d", or "G**". Numbers 5 and 34; the Hebrews/Jewish people have been doing so, for Five-and-a-Half Millennia! It's no airy-fairie 21st Century PC psychobabble!

On the other hand, #34, you may be an Anti-Semite, and as such, YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS POSTING HERE!! GET OUT AND LEAVE MY JEWISH BRETHEREN ALONE!!
3 Elul 5768
39. Paul in PA (on Palin)
She hunts, she fishes, She's able and gook looking.
What's not to love?
3 Elul 5768
40. Obama is the one lacking experience
She does not lack knowledge on anything. The one that lacks knowledge is Obama. He is no experience in anything,
3 Elul 5768
41. Mr.Udom Pathumthao
God's work needs man's response. Joy to the coming birth of the baby.
3 Elul 5768
42. MR. Me
...funny thing about Mrs. Palin's arrival on the scene, it was an answer to my prayers about just such a person I could support...she is someone we as Christians really, really needed...thank God for Her...Jerry
3 Elul 5768
43. Palin is the bait to bring the religious right on board ...
Sarah Palin appears to be a great woman with integrity, but few correspondents to this article focus on the fact that she is only a VICE-presidential candidate. She is everything that Mr McCain is NOT. Mr McCain is NOT pro-life like Mrs Palin (so much so that both Christian evangelists Dr James Dobson and Lou Engel steadfastly refuse to vote for him and say this is the first time they wil not vote !). Mr McCain is NOT pro-gun ownership the way Mrs Palin is. Mr McCain is not a man of faith the way Mrs Palin is. MrMcCain is not a nationalist pro-American like Mrs Palin (Mr McCain AND Mr Obama are both members of the Council of Foreign Relations whose avowed objectives is to eliminate the Sovereignty of all nations ... (see http://www.cfr.org/publication/9903/sovereignty_and_globalisation.html and also http://foreign.senate.gov/testimony/2003/HaassTestimony030923.pdf ).
Therefore it appears that Sarah Palin is being used to attract those voters who cannot find in McCain what they really want ... The problem is that while he is PRESIDENT ... HE and his CFR New Wolrd Order buddies) set the policies.
Don't forget that nearly EVERY Jew and Christian was convinced that the "burning Bush" was G_d's man ... yet it was he and his CFR buddies Cheany and Rice that divided up the land and have been determined to create Judea and Samaria as a separate Palestinian state on the back of Gaza !! They finished off what FDR and Jimmy Carter and many other democrat Jew haters started.
Does America want a continuation of these policies? Americans need to wake up and stop playing party politics. Christians need to stop being fooled into thinking that "Republican = righteousness Christian leadership". Jew and Christian need to pray and see what leadership is needed. America has serious HEART Issues. Independent presidential candidate Jonathan Allen clearly spells these out on his site: www.HeartQuake08.com
Could he be a last minute "David" who arrives on the scene to take on the Goliaths in our lives just as the "Saul" who stood head and shoulders above the rest of Israel proved a hollow leader ?
JUst pray and see if Jonathan Allen is the one. Those who will not pray, or don't even know that G_d answers those who diligently seek Him, need not reply with cynical comments.
Harold K.
4 Elul 5768
44. The GOP is the home of Israel in America
Two things:

1. Sarah Palin, like McCain and Bush before him, recognize the special relationship with Israel not simply because of the protection of the only Jewish state on Earth but also because it is the only democracy in the Middle East and America promotes democracy before anything else.

2. Being anti-semitic is a dead sentence for a GOP candidate or elected official. And it should be. There is no serious way that could be said of the Democrat Party since there are still members of their own leadership who have expressed blatant hatred for Jews and Israel and support terrorist groups who seek to extinguish the Jewish flame on Earth. No GOP event ever has pro-PLO groups marching in it or passing out T-shirts. If that ever happened, I would quit.
4 Elul 5768
45. Palin
Shabbat Shalom from Australia

Go you good Gal, what a breath of fresh air
Any support for Isael, and us Jews is welcome, and appreciated.

meir ben Zvi HAcohen
5 Elul 5768
So glad this was published; wasn't clear on Palin's feelings about Israel and/or the Jewish people. This is great. I will,
as an American citizen, do everything I can to see that Mc
Cain & Palin are elected as our next President & Vice

6 Elul 5768
47. Palin in Israel
Does anyone suppose that if Sarah Palin were running for office in Israel (which she apparently has never even visited) and presented as her principal credentials moose-hunter, beauty queen, and hockey mom, she would not become the laughingstock of the Jewish state? Israelis are much better judges of their own best interests than naive Americans, and they can surely see through the emptiness of the Palin candidacy.
8 Elul 5768
48. What a lot of ignorance, # 5, 34, 21 29
Regarding the usage G-d, anybody remember
"Thou shall not use my name in vain"
And if you have a problem with this,
(with or without a belief in G-d), you gotta be a hater.
Also what happen to the Jews and Israel in particular is and has always been a test case and a precursor for what happens to society and the world in general.
Remember the first person to be beheaded in Iraq, Nick Berg..a Jew, Daniel pearl ,...a Jew. A Jewish woman who lives around the corner from me has a son in the army currently in Iraq.
You are morons
Go peddle you nonsense elsewhere
Go McCain and Palin
11 Elul 5768