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Residents with the police commissioner
Residents with the police commissioner Photograph: Shturem
Is it only temporary?

Some claim that the beefed up security in Crown Heights is only temporary.
Beni Simcha/NY

CNN reported that the police commissioner of New York Police, Ray Kelly, said on Saturday that the attack in Crown Heights on the Hasidic Jewish teen is still under investigation. Last night Kelly made a surprise visit to Crown Heights accompanied by heavy guard. Following his visit the amount of police patrolling Crown Heights rose dramatically.

Kelly arrived in the neighborhood at about 10 PM accompanied with members of the CHJCC. Dozens of residents confronted him with questions and he listened attentively. He didn't say much but listned to their grievances and to stories from victims who were attacked in the past. Following a short stop over the Beis Shmuel synagogue he left the neighborhood.

Some residents so far are satisfied with the increase of patrolmen on the streets, one can see a police officer on every corner of the blocks. But others caution against being overly enthusiastic "they are just here to decorate the Commissioner's visit and in the coming days you won't se them here anymore."

In front of the Childrens Museum one could see Fox News interviewing Deputy Inspector Frank Vega of the 71st pct. who got out of bed in the middle of the night to tell the media that everything is calm in Crown Heights

According to a report in the CHN blog as a result of lack of action by the 71st Pt to stem the wave of crime, Vega is being transferred from the 71st Pct. CHN quoted sources saying Vega's departure comes after he was humiliated  by marchers during Friday's protest with chants such as "Vega go Home" - and that he will leave within the next week or so.

One black lady expressed her opinion: "I think that the Chasidic Jews that live here show they are afraid and that is why they pick on them and not just on any white people in the street.

Shturem.net has also been inforned that Mayor Michael Blumberg is also considering to visit the neighborhood today or tomorrow.

Shturem's staff in N.Y. will continue to update.




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1. increased patrolmen
more patrolmen on the street are part of the solution. but why do i always see police standing near the museum or 770? better they should stand in places like albany and carrol at 10 pm.
15 Iyar 5768
2. Th real Issue
The issues are not which group is wrong or better. The issue is. That the NYC police department is not doing the job they are supposed to do.
Why does it take 50 bullets for the police department to do its job? Why are the police in constant fear of retribution? The police department should bestow authority, respect, and fear on the criminal elements, which are overwhelmingly ready to take advantage of us.

15 Iyar 5768
3. Hey
maybe they are also afraid! lol
15 Iyar 5768
4. CHN
Is the CHN Blog CrownHeights.CH you guys have to be specific when writing, I think it's crownheights.ch because they write CHN.
16 Iyar 5768
5. Resident
Thanks Chanina Sperlin for the extra security now.
16 Iyar 5768