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Evacuation in Hebron this morning
Evacuation in Hebron this morning Photograph: Yoav Galai
Mobile Chabad ordered out!

"We were forced to buy this mobile unit because it is forbidden to erect new structures in Hebron and now they are telling us to move this too."
Zev Caspi

Large police and Border Guard forces completed Tuesday morning the evacuation of two families and hundreds of settlers, mostly teenagers, who reportedly have "taken over" two houses in the Hebron marketplace.

Fifteen policemen and 14 settlers were reported to have been injured in the course of the evacuation. Nine people were evacuated to hospital for treatment and 13 were arrested.

The evacuation began at 6:20 am, after the forces broke in through the doors that have been welded and started to forcefully evacuate the people inside. Each of the settlers was carried out by four policemen.

Before the evacuation began security forces cut off all electricity causing a total blackout in the area. As a result of that the Chabad House in Hebron is steeped in darkness. In a short interview with Shturem.net today Rabbi Danny Cohen, the Chabad emissary in the city said that his office which is located near the marketplace is considered part of the area of evacuation and that is why his electricity was cut off. "I don't know yet when will have light again," he said.

Rabbi Cohen was an eyewitness to the evacuation and he documented the excessive use of force by security forces against the settlers. "I witnessed some very gruesome scenes," he says.

"The reports in the media are totally false. I hear what is broadcasted, I read what is printed and I am in total shock. They say that  settlers have illegally taken over two houses in the Hebron market. That's ridiculous, no one denies that the house and property belongs to Jews. The Arabs never contested that. You won't find one Arab in the entire marketplace. The media makes it sound as though the marketplace is swarming with Arabs but only one who lives here knows the truth, it was closed down ten years ago.

The hostility displayed by the security forces and media towards the settlers is also evidenced by the order issued to Rabbi Cohen concerning his mobile Chabad House. This is a trailer that is hitched on to a van. "We were compelled to buy this mobile unit because it is forbidden to erect new structures in Hebron and now they want us to  tmove his too." 

"Here too one can witness outright discrimination, while Arabs have been building as much as they want, Jews are forbidden to build even the smallest structure. This mobile unit is not a permanent building and still the authorities ordered the emissaries not to use it in the city, Rabbi Cohen said.

He added that he is not disturbed by this evacuation order and is convinced that it will be overturned once they hear what his lawyer has to say about this.

Meanwhile, Rabbi David Drukman, Rabbi of Kiyat Motzkin, issued a statement stating: "In order that silence of the rabbis should not be interpreted as consent, and in the spirit of  the Haftorah that was read this past Shabbat that the spoilers and destroyers come from within, I want to make clear the obvious:  there is no power nor right in the world (state or army) that can force a Jew to violate a mitzva of the Torah.

"It is particulary appalling that Jews are forcing soldiers to violate Jewish Law and commit a crime against our Holy Torah. 

"The order is immoral: Would any commander even think of issuing a demolition order to an Arab that built illegally in the Israeli Arab town of Um el Fahm?"

Rabbi Drukman said that the government by its actions has given a "green light" to all the enemies of Israel who are absolutely "thrilled" that Israel is doing their dirty work for them and places Israel  in a dangerous position.                                                


23 Av 5767
assisting the injured
assisting the injured