B"H Friday, 15 Adar II 5779 | March 22 2019
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Rare pics of Reb Nisan

Shturem.net obtained rare pictures of the unforgettable Reb Nissan Nemenov
Avi Shreiber

Shturem.net has obtained some very rare pictures of the legendary mashpia Rabbi Nissan Nemenov of righteous memory seen while he was learning and meditating. Rabbi Nemenov was appointed "mashpia" by the Previous Rebbe in Russia and later in Brunoy, France.

He was known to have been a very big "oved" who would rise every morning at the crack of dawn and learn chassidus and later daven with "dveikus" until the afternoon.

His students recall how he would stand for hours meditating in chassidus and was completely detached from this world.

He would try and instill in his students the attribute of "kabolas ol" (accepting the yoke).

Today his thousands of students serve as mashpiim, Roshei yeshiva and shluchim all over the world and to them he is unforgettable.


23 Tevet 5766