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Parshas Vayera: No Despair, Moshiach is Almost Here

Lebin Mit Moshiach - Parshas Vayera

When we see that there are individuals who are Torah observant in many respects, but they taunt and ridicule any Moshiach-related issue – one may sometimes become discouraged, disheartened and despondent: If religious Jews can be so hostile, antagonistic and belligerent to the belief in Moshiach – are these conditions conducive to Moshiach’s imminent arrival? How can we say that all the signs that our Sages indicated regarding ikvesa d’Meshicha have been fulfilled in our generation?!

The answer is: On the contrary, the fact that there are skeptics who taunt and ridicule Moshiach is just another indication that we are in the last generation of golus, the generation that will merit the Geulah, as the Rebbe Rashab said in his famous sicha about “All who go out to the battles of Beis Dovid” (Sichos 5702 p. 141).

An amazing fact should be pointed out, which many fail to notice: More than eighty years ago, the Rebbe Rashab foresaw with his “Ruach HaKodesh” the situation precisely as it is in our times! This is an accurate revealed prophecy:

The Rebbe Rashab stated in his sicha of “going out to the battles of Beis Dovid” that there will be two levels (generations) of scoffers: The first level (first generation) are those that are hostile to Hashem and His Torah “the enemies of Hashem”; the second level (second generation) “those that ridicule the footsteps of Moshiach,” Jews who generally believe in Hashem and His Torah, to the extent that amongst them there are also “fine Torah scholars”; nonetheless, they are lacking in their faith in the Geulah; going so far as to “taunt and ridicule the footsteps of Moshiach,” i.e., they laugh about and ridicule the issue of Moshiach!

The amazing thing is that who could have imagined more than eighty years ago that there would arise such a “strange creature”: A Jew who believes in Hashem and His Torah, and yet he taunts the footsteps of Moshiach!

Moreover, the Rebbe Rashab adds in that sicha that they will not only ridicule Moshiach’s footsteps, but they will “justify” and rationalize this with reasons of yiras shomayim.

The truth is that they are an extension of the first generation, of “Hashem's enemies”; the difference is only that the second generation attempts to rationalize and distort the issues with reasons of yiras shomayim.

What is so incredulous is:
The emunah in Moshiach is a fundamental of our faith; it’s one of the “Thirteen Principles” of our faith; The psak-din of the Rambam is well-known, that “whoever does not believe in him (King Moshiach) or does not await his coming, denies not only the other prophets but also the Torah and Moshe Rabbeinu” – all of this notwithstanding, a Jew who believes in Hashem and Torah can taunt and laugh about ikvos Meshicha and yet furthermore “justify” this with reasons of yiras shomayim!

In our time this phenomenon has become a reality: when a Jew proclaims that we are in the era of ikvos d’Meshicha; that Moshiach “is standing behind the wall” – the antagonists cannot tolerate these statements, they taunt and ridicule this talk! Moreover, they go so far as to educate their young children in this spirit of taunting the footsteps of Moshiach, Hashem should save us!

However, this should not be a basis for discouragement and concern, as this was precisely what the Rebbe Rashab foresaw with his ruach hakodesh, it is another proof that we are the “second generation” which the Rebbe Rashab referred to in his sicha, we are the final generation of golus which has to go through this process, as our Sages state: “When you see generation after generation scoffing and taunting – look forward to the footsteps of Moshiach!”

(Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sarah 5745)

14 Cheshvan 5772