B"H Thursday, 24 Sivan 5779 | June 27 2019
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Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day

Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day:

The woman is the akeres habayis. She is the one responsible for the home to be illuminated with an internal Jewish light and warmth, so that the Jewish home is protected from winds foreign to Yiddishkeit that blow in the outside world and endanger the Yiddishkeit. This is why the Jewish woman has been endowed with a greater measure of emotion and warmth.

For this reason, she is fit to arouse and reveal the inborn and inner emotions of ahavas Hashem, ahavas haTorah, and ahavas Yisrael. She reveals the pnimiyus (that which is hidden beneath the surface), until the point where the pnimiyus rules over the external in day-to-day life. This brings with it the reward, “measure for measure,” that Hashem’s hashgacha (Divine Providence), which is the essence of goodness, but is also pnimiyus and concealed, becomes revealed goodness that is manifest and visible in all one’s day-to-day needs: health, parnassah, and nachas from one’s children.

(Igros Kodesh, vol. 20, p. 226)

24 Nisan 5777