B"H Wednesday, 7 Tammuz 5778 | June 20 2018
Moshiach's Seuda for all Jews

MOSHIACH’S SEUDA FOR ALL JEWS There are those who ask: The whole concept of Moshiach is so lofty and sublime, it’s something that will only be in the future, how can we associate it with a “festive meal” and drinking “Four Cups” while we're still in exile?

Moreover, how can this be required of each and every Jew? Isn’t this a degradation of Moshiach? The answer to these people is: On every Yomtov they themselves ask Hashem in a special prayer (which is recited when we open the Aron Kodesh before reading the Torah), “ Ribono shel Olam . .” (Master of the World) may it be Your will that there be realized in us the verse which states ‘And the spirit of the L-rd shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the L-rd.’”

This possuk refers to Moshiach, as we read in the Haftorah of Achron shel Pesach (Yeshaya 11:2) : “A shoot shall come forth from the stem of Yishai , and a branch shall grow forth out of his roots. And the spirit of the L-rd shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit.....”

Here too, the question can be asked: How can a Jew stand in Shul by an open Aron Kodesh and exclaim “May there be realized in us the verse which states, ‘And the spirit of the L-rd shall rest upon him ’ – this possuk is speaking about Moshiach! Every Jew is asking in this prayer that in him be realized the verses about Moshiach – how can an ordinary Jew request this?!

However, the answer is that every Jew has within his soul a part of Moshiach’s soul; and every Jew must rectify and prepare that part of Moshiach that is relevant to his own soul. This means that every Jew has to arouse, awaken and reveal the aspect of ‘Moshiach’ in his soul. And this aspect of Moshiach will bring his personal redemption, similar to the universal redemption through Moshiach. This is why every Jew can ask that “There be realized in us the verse . . .’And the spirit of the L-rd shall rest upon him ’” – Because every Jew has part of Moshiach’s soul, he can ask that this be realized in “ us ” – in the aspect of Moshiach which is in his soul.

This is the simple answer to those who argue about all Jews celebrating Seudas Moshiach in time of exile: They themselves pray that a possuk referring to Moshiach be realized in them! May it be Hashem’s will that through yearning and longing for Moshiach, expressed by our participation in Seudas Moshiach, we will speedily merit the true and complete Geulah!

(Sichos Achron shel Pesach 5743)


MOSHIACH’S SEUDAH On the afternoon of Achron Shel Pesach (the 8th day of Pesach ) a festive meal is eaten; The Baal Shem Tov referred to this as Seudas Moshiach, because “on Achron Shel Pesach there shines a revelation of the aura of Moshiach.”

At Moshiach’s Seuda 5666 (1906) the Rebbe Rashab initiated the custom of drinking “Four cups” of wine in Moshiach’s Seuda . Subsequently, [as the Geulah comes closer], this custom was publicized and spread to all Jews everywhere . In Moshiach’s Seuda we drink “Four cups” of wine, the same amount as on the first nights of Pesach .

This indicates that every Jew has the power and ability to come from Yetzias Mitzrayim to the Geulah of Moshiach, plain and simple. Especially that our deeds and divine service now is analogous to a “midget on the shoulders of a giant,” being that it comes as a continuation and following the avodah of all the Rebbeim, Nesi’im of Chabad, it is therefore certain that our avodah , including the participation in Moshiach’s Seuda, drinking the “Four cups” of wine on Achron Shel Pesach , can bring the Geula immediately, within the blink of an eye.

The Rebbe then added as a separate topic: Certainly, everyone will drink the “Four cups” of wine with the intent of bringing the Geulah immediately; And if anyone is dubious if he had this intention (that it relates to the future Geulah ) whilst drinking the “Four Cups,” he will certainly rectify this, for drinking the “Four Cups” must be with certainty and clarity, because this hastens the Geulah .

(Sichos of 8th day Pesach 5749. Maamer VeHechrim 5749 . - Sefer HaMaamorim Meluket v. 3 p 129 )

22 Nisan 5777