B"H Monday, 14 Sivan 5779 | June 17 2019
Izzy Ezagui
Izzy Ezagui Photograph: Shturem
Lubavitcher Soldier Loses Arm R"L in Gaza
Lubavitcher soldier Izzy Ezagui was hit by Arab shelling in Gaza lately.  In the process of saving his life, the doctors had to amputate his hand, r"l. 
 B"H Izzy is recuperating, and, as we see in the picture, is up and about.  His family members are at his side taking care of all his needs.  Refuah Shalimo.

18 Tevet 5769
1. refuah Shlaimo
how scary/ He has a great zchus.
18 Tevet 5769
2. Refuah Sheliemah
Izzy, G-d bless you ARE REALLY the best there is
18 Tevet 5769
3. True self-sacrifice
A refuah shlaimo to Izzy and all wounded soldiers.

Love for Israel
18 Tevet 5769
4. As of 17 of tevet 5769 - 01/13/2009
Liel Husha ben Miriam – suffered severe head wounds.
Ben Ben Nesiva - injury to head; one hand amputated; doctors are fighting to save his second hand.
Yosef Haim Ben Ziva – took a severe hit to the left side of his body. Has just regained consciousness and is beginning to react to his surroundings. Still in intensive care.
Mor Mordechai Ben Orna – Very serious leg injuries.
Moshe Ben Chana Malka – Chabadnik – has lost his arm.
Dvir Ben Lea – sustained severe wounds to both legs.
Rafael Ben Dina - severe wounds all over his body.
Neriya Ben Rivka – severe head wounds.
Oren Ben Ilana – Paratrooper regiment commander, seriously injured in the shoulder and arm, lost a finger.
Oren Ben Chaya - severely bruised shoulder and hand, lost a finger.
Ronen Chai Ben Leah - wounded seriously.
Ron Ben Chavzalet - severely wounded; shrapnel throughout the body.
Eitan Ben Sarah – severely injured leg.
Gal Ben Hedva – severe shrapnel injuries, especially to jaw.
Netanel ben Fanny – Seriously injured.
Nechemia Shalom Dovber ben Arlene – Son of the Chabad shliach in Eilon Moreh. Moderately injured, with shrapnel in the eye and burns on the face.
Ran Ben Mirel - wounded with damage to the shoulder.
Idan Ben Nadi - moderate wounds from fragments.
Yitzhak Ben Nava – wounded, moderate damage to the shoulder.
Ohad Ben Bracha - wounded with damage to the facial area.
Netanel Ben Nava - moderate damage with shrapnel wounds to the knee.
Geva Ben Avital – Moderate injuries.
Rotem Ben Leah – Moderate injuries.
Itai Ben Rinat – Moderate injuries to the stomach.
Ron Ben Bilhah – Moderate injuries.
Moshe Ben Dina – Wounded in the arm.
Eran Ben Batsheva – Wounded in the arm.
Avishai Ben Miriam – Wounded in the leg.
Maxim Ben Olga – Lightly wounded in the leg; undergoing surgery to remove shrapnel.
Yisrael ben Ilana – Light shrapnel injuries to the ear.
Yo’ad Ido ben Freida Rivka – Shrapnel injuries.
Idan Ben Liora – Light shrapnel wounds.
Nadav Ben Miria – Light shrapnel wounds .
Sagi ben Osnat – Light shrapnel wounds to the leg.
Omar Ben Dorit – Light shrapnel wounds to legs.
Lior Ben Mazal - Light shrapnel wounds to leg.
Yevgeny Ben Elizabeta – Leg injuries.
Chaim Moshe Naftali Ben Rut Raizel – Light injuries
Shachaf Ben Dalia – Light shrapnel injuries in the arm.

Please also pray for the civilians who were wounded by the Kassam missiles in recent days and are still in need of medical attention:

Gavriel Ben Sarah - Child from Sderot with trauma and severe injuries.
Yaacov Ben Rivka – Severely injured.
Bat Kayl Hila Bat Fibi – Moderately injured in Netivot.
Gila bas Odelia – Moderately injuredin Netivot.
19 Tevet 5769
5. Izzy
may you have a complete and speedy recovery
20 Tevet 5769
6. True Hero
Izzy i don't know you, but i know you are a true Jewish hero. You went on mesiras nefesh for other Jews and there is nothing greater or more special than that. May Hashem Give you all the brochos and strength to through this. May we immediately celebrate the coming of Moshiach when we will know of no pain and suffering.
20 Tevet 5769
7. May the Almighty bless you with love and health
21 Tevet 5769
8. Refuah shelima
izzy we are praying for you in miami we all wish u a refuah sheimah and hope and pray that Hashem protects all of his soldiers who are doing this enormous job of protecting am yisroel
22 Tevet 5769
9. speedy recovery
izzy , jack mali ariel and danielle weissman in aventura florida wish you a speedy recovery Refuah Shlema. We love you and hope to see you soon. Stay strong and keep that beautiful smile.regards to all ypur family.
2 Shevat 5769