B"H Saturday, 28 Tammuz 5774 | July 26 2014
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Chabad at Yale: Update
 Home Away from Home for Jewish Life 
Photograph: Paul Cohen/ Yale Daily News
Chabad at Yale started the fundraising campaign against the backdrop of Hanukkah, which began Dec. 1 and concludes Dec. 9. The organization held parties for Jewish Yale alumni in New York and Los Angeles to celebrate its recent purchase of the Palmer House and raise awareness for its new fundraising effort and expansion ■ more 
Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 Annual Chanuka Community Services Event 
Five Miami-Dade Community Leaders were honored on the second night of Chanuka at an event co-hosted by Mayor Carlos Alvarez and Yehuda Kaploun Executive vice president of the Moses and Aaron Foundation, a special fund for children ■ more 
Shluchim Elated
 Early Childhood Program Success 
“The preschool has already had a tremendous effect on our Chabad House and is shaping our community. People who were just names on a list are now involved and inspired members of our extended Chabad House family attending all of our programs and showing up on Shabbos and Yom Tov ■ more
Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 Chanukah Celebration in Victorian Parliament 
The Premier first acknowledged that Chanukah marked a personal victory for himself, as election results revealing his appointment to Premier were released on Chanukah. He later expounded on this comparison, by stating that Chanukah celebrates not just an ordinary victory, but the defeat of the masses by minority groups, even in the face of tremendous adversity ■ more 
Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 A Week of Chanukah Programs in Kharkov 

A full week of Chanukah programs lit up the streets of Kharkov: A program in the shule on Thursday street began with a concert of the Or Avner school choir and kindergarten ■ Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz lit the large menorah on Pushkinskaya with government officials followed by fireworks , dancing and doughnuts ■ more 

Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 S. Kensington: Menorah at Imperial College 

Around 50 students and staff gathered on the Queens Lawn Terrace of Imperial College's  South Kensington campus to light the Menorah with Professor Lord Robert Winston ■ more   

Sydney, NSW
 Our Big Kitchens Rugby League Alliance 
Photograph: JWire
Following the food preparation, a tour of the kitchen and a briefing of its history, Flanagan and Ashford sat down at Our Big Kitchen’s own kitchen table…and got stuck into a healthy lunch Yeshiva-style. During the lunch Rabbi Slavin told the players: “Your talent is a very special gift from G-D ■ more
 A Kosher Twist on Group Deal Coupons 
Duchman got the idea for Jewpon from using Groupon and seeing how it could translate to niche markets. Being an Orthodox Jew, that was the first community that came to mind, he said. His partners in the Jewpon business are Ray Willig, the Fresh Diet’s chief technology officer, and Duchman’s brother Ezzy ■ more
Kvotzim In Loving Memory
 Shloshim for Tomim Yossi Kreiman, OB"M 

A month has past since the tragic and very untimely petirah of Tomim Yossi Kreiman, of Los Angeles.  Yossi, ob"m, was a chosson, soon to be married.  Yossi's friends put out two kvotzim in loving memory of their friend, in Loshon Kodesh and English ■ more

Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 S. Antonio: 13th Annual Chanukah on the River 

An estimated 800 celebrants of all ages turned out for music, barge rides, fun, food and fellowship at Chanukah on the River. “I think it's great,” said Joseph Bressman, 90, before boarding one of three barges that were decked with giant menorahs ■ more 

Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 Paris: Conquering "Light" with Chanuka Lights 
Photograph: Mendy Ben Hamou

Thousands participated in the traditional Menorah lighting event in Paris, that takes place annually at the Eiffel Tower site.  Rabbi Gilles Bernheim, Chief Rabbi of France, was an honored guest ■ more

Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 Massive Chanukah Event in Weston, Florida 
Close to 1000 people attended the grand celebration hosted by Chabad of Weston for the fifth night of Chanukah. The event was preceded by a 40-car menorah parade led by a police escort throughout the town with the Hebrew school children in the Chanukah Hummer limousine ■ more 
Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 Hoboken's Tenth Annual Menorah Lighting 
Photograph: The Jersey Journal
 "It is important to light the menorah in public to remember the miracle of Hanukkah when G-d gave strength to the weak and gave many to few," said Rabbi Laibel Schapiro of the Chabad of Hoboken ■ more
Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 Ann Arbor: 10 Ft. Tall Lego Menorah 
Photograph: Melanie Maxwell I AnnArbor.com

A 10-foot tall Lego menorah was assembled today in Briarwood Mall, part of the fourth annual Chanukah Wonderland sponsored by Chabad of Ann Arbor. The Lego display was set up near JC Penney, while the Chanukah Wonderland is in the Sears wing until Monday ■ more

Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 Giant Balloon Menorah in Lawrence, Kansas 
Photograph: Chris Bronson/ Kansan
“This says one of two things about us,” said Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel a co-director at the Lawrence Chabad Jewish Center. “Either we’re crazy, or our hearts are full of the love and light of the holiday ■ more
Mivtza Chanukah 5771
 Good Prevails in Fairfield, Conn. 
Photograph: B.K. Angeletti / Connecticut Post
Until Sunday, Jonathan Lerner had never been to a public menorah lighting. But when he learned Chabad of Fairfield was hosting one that afternoon, he said he felt it was his duty to attend ■ more 

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