B"H Friday, 25 Sivan 5776 | July 01 2016
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A First:
 Chanukah Telethon with a Live Pidyon Habeyn 
The Chanukah Telethon aired this week featured a first for television - a Pidyon HaBen for a 12-year-old boy by Shliach Anchelle Perl ■ "Just a few days ago, the family called me about what they should do about performing this Mitzvah for their son," said RabbiAnchelle Perl, Shliach to Mineola, NY and the annual Chanukah Telethon host. "I told them, no problem, it’s not too late, come share this Mitzvah with our 12 million viewers ■ more 
Mivtza Chanuka 5773
 Goodyear Council Appreciates Rabbi's Efforts 
Over 200 people took part at the public Menorah lighting and Chanukah Festival arranged by Chabad of Goodyear, directed by Rabbi Berel and Chana Zaklikofsky. The entire City Council of the City of Goodyear came to show their support ■ more 
Mivtza Chanuka 5773
 L'Chaim Chabad Left No Yid Behind 
Mammoth Mivtza Chanuka
Mammoth Mivtza Chanuka
It took an army of volunteers, a lorry’s load of donuts, and a factory’s worth of candles to make it happen, but tens of thousands of Jewish residents enjoyed the traditions, joy and pride of Chanukah. Chanukah in Manchester had a completely different face thanks to the efforts of L’Chaim-Chabad ■ more
Mivtza Chanuka 5773
 Rabbi Mordechai Belinow at Menorah Lighting 
Photograph: Shturem
Chanuka 5773 in S. Denis La Plaine: Head Shliach Rabbi M. Mendel Belinow, Shluchim Rabbi Yisroel and Rivky Belinow, and Rabbi Mordechai Belinow hosted a public Menorah Lighting with Mayor Mr. Didier Paillard ■ more 
Miracle in Sydney
 Triguboff : "We Cant Let Yeshiva Fall Apart" 
Photograph: AJN
Rabbi Pinchas Feldman writes: With immense gratitude to Hashem, I am taking this opportunity to notify the Shluchim, that as of late this afternoon, the shul and the cheder have miraculously avoided the recently publicised threat of receivership, with the Flood St campus having been secured for the extensive work of Chabad in our community, as the Harry Triguboff charitable foundation has purchased the buildings ■ more
The Avner Institute
 Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka's Testimony 
Photograph: Avner Institute

Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka's Testimony: In the following excerpt regarding ownership of the library, the Rebbetzin gives tremendous insight into the nature of the relationship between the Rebbe and his Chassidim. There is only a perceived separation – they are strongly united at their essence ■ more

Rabbi Mordechi Lipskier
 Parshas Vayigash: Does Lubavitch Learn? 
Photograph: TheBeisMedrash.com
Rabbi Yosef Avraham Halevi Heller shlita, esteemed rabbi and member of the Crown Heights Beis Din, told me: I walked into 770 one morning in the Lamed yearss and noticed Rabbi Leibel Groner, the Rebbe's secretary, running about frantically. "The Rebbe urgently needs a sefer and we can't find it in the Rebbe's library ■ more
Colorado Springs:
 Menorah Desecrated, Community Outraged 
KRDO News | Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
Colorado Springs police are looking for vandals who spray-painted a swastika on the Hanukkah menorah of the Chabad of Southern Colorado. The menorah was in the front yard of the Chabad synagogue run by Rabbi Moshe Liberow located at the corner of Rockrimmon and Allegheny ■ more 
Video of the Day
 Stormy Weather Causes Chish Tent Collapse 
Photograph: Shturem

During the week of Didan Notzach, the "Chish" publishing company manned a tent with thousands of seforim for sale in Kfar Chabad. The lively Seforim Fair was very well attended ■ more 

Mivtza Chanuka 5773
 Mayor Joins Hundreds for Fifth Chanuka Licht 

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the main police station in Bom Retiro to light the 5th light of Chanuka. Rabbi Hersh Leib Begun light the Menorah with the Mayor of Paulo, Gilberto Kassab and authorities. Rabbi Shamai Ende spoke about the importance of Chanukah and its lessons for life ■ more 

Mazel Tov!
 New Rov for Chabad Merkaz Netanya 
Rabbi Elfenbein
Rabbi Elfenbein | Photograph: Shturem

A double simcha in the Lubavitcher kehilla of Netanya was celebrated this week. During the farbrengen in honor of Hei Teves- Didan Notzach, Rabbi Yisroel Elfenbeim was inducted as the new Rov of the Lubavitcher Shul in the center of Netanya ■ more

Unprecedented Pirsumei Nisa
 Shluchim Take Houston Basketball by Storm 
Photograph: Excerpt from JN1 Clip
In this video interview to Jewish News1, Shluchim Rabbis Goldstein, Traxler and Lazeroff speak about their Chanuka performance on the NBA court, the message of Chanuka and pirsumei nissa ■ more 
F.R.E.E. of Niles
 Chabad Renovation Called A Miracle 
Photograph: Sun Times/ Jerry Daliege
A local Jewish congregation is celebrating the completion of a long-awaited synagogue renovation and expansion project. Rabbi Eliezer Hershkovich compared the generous donations, made by individuals who wish to remain anonymous, to the miracle of Hanukkah which the congregation also recently celebrated ■ more 
Mivtza Chanuka 5773
 Sumy, Ukraine Celebrates Chanukah 
Warming the Frost
Warming the Frost | Photograph: Shturem
For weeks before chanuka one could feel and smell the excitement of Chanuka in the air as the Ohr Avner school children in Sumy, Ukraine rehearsed for their Chanuka show and over 800 doughnuts and latkas were being fried in preparation of the many Chanukah actvities in the city ■ more 
Hei Teves Musings
 Reliving the Victory of the Sforim 
Photograph: Shturem Archives/ JEM
Every year around this time thousands of Lubavitcher Chassidim worldwide will begin
celebrating Hey Teves and Didan Notzach. This is a time of victory, a time of triumph,
and a time of celebration ■ more 
Didan - Hasforim - Notzach
 Kehos Crown Heights: Busiest Day of the Year 

Shturem's New York correspondent visited Kehos in Crown Heights to fulfill the horo'o of the day, and documented leil Didan Notzach ■ more 


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