B"H Thursday, 29 Tishrey 5775 | October 23 2014
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Rabbi & Mrs. Mendel Blecher
 New Shluchim Join the Rebbe's Army 
Photograph: Shmais
Rabbi & Mrs. Mendel and Leah Blecher of Crown Heights have just moved on Shlichus to Texas where they have established Chabad of The Woodlands servicing the Jewish residents in Spring, Conroe, Tomball and the surrounding areas ■ more
All Shluchim B"H Safe
 Reports from World Tsunami Alert Areas 
Rabbi Sudakevitz
Rabbi Sudakevitz | Photograph: Shturem

The world is going through earthshaking events, specifically in Japan and the Pacific Ocean Coast ■ Naturally, as Lubavitchers, our first reaction is: how does this affect the Rebbe's Shluchim in Japan, and all the Yidden in the area?  As Shabbos was arriving, Rabbi Gershon Sudakevitz, father of Shliach Rabbi Mendel Sudakevitz, was able to speak to his son for a very short time ■ more reports

 Leben Mit Der Tzeit 
Photograph: Illustration
Springing forward with Daylight Savings Time in the USA: This Motzoei Shabbos, or technically Sunday morning, at 2:00 AM, remember to move your clock forward ■ more
Cape Town is "Connected"
 The Rebbe's Living Breathing Network 
Photograph: Shturem
"Decades before the launch of the internet, let alone facebook, the Lubavitcher Rebbe put into place a network, not a virtual network, but a living breathing network, of Chabad Shluchim around the world, wherever Jewish People might be found, not to connect them, but to reveal their already existent connection, with Hashem and with each other ■ more 
Mazel Tov!
 Reinitz- Althaus Vort Photo Gallery 
Photograph: Meir Alfasi, Shturem

Last night the Reinitz and Althaus families celebrated the vort of their children HaTomim Shmuel and Chaya Mushka.  The vort took place at the Talmud Torah Simcha Hall in Kfar  Chabad ■ more 

 New Kosher Wine for Russia 
Photograph: FJC
The wine-making company Slavprom (Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Krasnodar region) of Russia has produced its first batch of kosher wine. The kosher certificate was signed by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar ■ more
Mazel Tov!
 Futerfas- Kaminietsky Vort Gallery 

This week the Futerfas and Kaminiestsky families celebrated the vort of their children Tomim Schneur Zalman and Yehudis.  The kallah is the daughter of Head Shliach and Rov of Dneprpetrovsk, Ukraine ■ more 

CBD's Lunch & Learn
 Rabbi Telsner: Halacha vs. Kabbalah 
Photograph: Shturem
The Chabad House of Melbourne Central Business District (CBD), headed by Shliach Rabbi Chaim Herzog, hosted a unique Lunch and Learn Session for businessmen ■ From the excitement at the question time which followed, it was clear that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the class ■ more 
No Time for Nosh
 Temimim: Oholei Torah Takes Over Ranch 
Photograph: Shturem
The hallways of Oholei Torah are abuzz. Smiling seventh and eighth graders are bustling with a newfound energy. Co-sponsored by the PTA, a two day getaway at the Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland, NY, has revitalized the students in an unprecedented manner.“Our Talmidim worked hard, and earned a great experience,” says Rabbi Sholom Goldstein, newly appointed principal of Seventh and Eighth grades ■ more 
Chabad of Eilat
 "Honored Citizen" Award to Rabbi Hecht 
Rabbi Hecht & the Mayor
Rabbi Hecht & the Mayor | Photograph: Shturem

The city of Eilat is celebrating 62 years since its founding, and will be honoring Head Shliach and Chief Rabbi Yossi Hecht in a special ceremony.  Rabbi Hecht will be recieving the "Honored Citizen" (Yakir Hair Eilat) award for his devotion ■ more

Chabad of Upper east Side
 The No-Dinner Dinner Celebrating Chai 
It had the location,and entertainment by a top-notch singer, Avraham Fried. There was a raffle featuring dozens of prizes. What was missing from the affair celebrating Chabad-Lubavitch of the Upper East Side and honorees Joseph and Deborah Aronow and Kim and Jonathan Kusher was the food ■ more
Rubashkin Case Update
 Objection to Amicus Briefs Withdrawn 
In light of the Court’s February 28, 2011, Order submitting the motions to file amicus briefs for consideration by the panel to which the case is assigned for disposition on the merits, and due to the possibility the briefs may be considered by the Court without the benefit of any government response, the United States withdraws its objection ■ more
Gallery of the Day
 Gala Dinner for Lubavitcher Mosdos in Paris 
Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo

1,500 men and women came out to salute and express appreciation to the Lubavitcher mosdos in Paris directed by Head Shliach Rabbi Shmuel (Mulle') Azimov. Among the guests were the Chief Rabbi of France, Rabbi Gilles Bernheim, Rabbi Dovid Mashash of Paris ■ more 

A First!
 Brooklyn Chaplains Unite to Serve Patients 
Photograph: VIN
Rabbi Micheil Chazan:  “If chaplains of all faiths work together then not only can we make a Kiddush Hashem by helping non- Jews in need of spiritual care, but chaplains in non-Jewish institutions will be able to contact us to provide for the spiritual needs for their Jewish patients ■ more
Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Mrs. Fraida Zissel Vogel, OB"M 

With sadness we report  the passing of Mrs. Fraida Zissel (Francine) Vogel, ob"m,  wife of the famous Askan R Nosson (Bobbi) Vogel, ob"m, of London, England ■ more

Golds Friendship Circle Dedicated
 Chabad of West Hempstead Awards Dinner 
Photograph: CHI
Community leaders and elected officials were present at the prestigious Garden City Hotel on New York’s Long Island to celebrate with Rabbi Yossi and Chaya Rochel Lieberman and Chabad of West Hempstead at their annual awards dinner last week ■ more 

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