B"H Thursday, 9 Shevat 5775 | January 29 2015
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An Amazing Experience
 Merkos Shlichus Blog: She Knew The Rebbe 

 The mother of the family was really the only one who could communicate well in English. She said to me, “your table caught my eye because I remember this man.” She was pointing to a picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe ■ more 

From the Press
 Camp Gan Yisroel: It isn't Just a Camp 
Photograph: Swampscott Patch/ Melissa Montoya
 Camp Gan Israel at Chabad Lubavitch of the North Shore hopes campers enjoy their summer while learning about their faith. Camp Gan Israel isn't just a camp where busy parents can send their kids for the summer ■ more 
Rabbi Kotlarsky in Tzfas
 " The Rebbe Wants Tmimim to Be Lamdonim" 
Photograph: CHI
Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky made a special trip to review the progress and program at Yeshivas Tzeirei HaShluchim - Tzfat ■ He reminded the boys of the Rebbe's desire that Lubavitcher bochurim become lamdonim. “You've made a wise choice to spend your summer in the yeshiva's program ■ more 
Learn from the Experts
 Special Kinus Torah on Beis Hamikdash 

This Tuesday, Merkaz Anash will be holding a special Kinus Torah all about Beis Hamikdash. The Kinus will take place at the Kolel – 1483 Union St (corner Kingston), at 8 pm ■ Special video presentation ■ more

"B'Tankim L'Artzeinu"
 Egged Bus Goes on Shlichus 
Photograph: Chabad.org
Israel’s largest public transit company Egged unloaded one of its busses on a Chabad-Lubavitch center in the Negev Desert, donating about $3,500 to help the sale proceed so that Rabbi Lior and Avishag Abadah could convert the vehicle into a mobile youth center and library ■ more
NCFJE & Chabad.org
 First Nine Days Siyum Starts Today 
Starting today: The Rebbe initiated the custom of participating in a Siyum on each of the "Nine Days." Watch a live siyum at 7:30 pm, brought to you by NCFJE and Jewish.TV ■ more 
Making a Difference
 Chabad Five Towns Chosen for Allstate Grant 
Photograph: Patch.com
Monte Rosenzweig, whose office is located at 999 Central Avenue in Woodmere, recently received the Agency Hands in the Community Award for his commitment to volunteering in the community, according to the Allstate Foundation. With the award came a $1,000 grant for the Friendship Circle at Chabad of the Five Towns, where Rosenzweig volunteers ■ more
From Children for Children
 Melbourne: Hascholas "Leiby's Sefer Torah" 
Photograph: Shmais
The land down under witnessed a powerful gathering of hundreds of Jewish boys, girls, and parents as a grand Chabad Youth Tzivos Hashem rally was held, historically beginning a Sefer Torah in memory of Leiby Kletzky ob"m ■ more 
Serene, Serious, Lively
 Mechanchos' Conclave Concludes 
Photograph: CHI
Nearly two hundred Chabad women educators form across the US and Canada last evening concluded their annual Chinuch – Education conference organized by the Merkos Chinuch office. A similar men’s conference took three weeks earlier. The annual events are meant to refocus and re-energize Chabad educators for the next school year ■ more 
Gallery of the Day
 Anash In Beer Sheva for Nichum Aveilim 
Shliach Rabbi Yashar Edrei and R' Binyomin Lipkin
Shliach Rabbi Yashar Edrei and R' Binyomin Lipkin | Photograph: Meir Alfasi/ Shturem

The shock has not worn off.  Thousands of Yidden of all stripes have been streamng to the home of Rabbi Elazar Abu -Hatzeira, ob"m, in Beer Sheva, to be menachem oveil  ■ more 

Talmud Torah Kfar Chabad
 Maaseh Ikar:Impressive End of Zman Ceremony 
Photograph: Y. Belinko
The new Events Hall of the Talmud Torah in Kfar Chabad was the venue for an impressive end of zman celebration, awarding every talmid for his personal achievements in the realm of Chassidishe hanhogo and derech eretz ■ more 
Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Shocking: Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira, OB"M 
The Bris in Moscow
The Bris in Moscow

The Jewish world is shocked senseless by the brutal killing of Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira of Beer Sheva, fondly know by all as "Baba Elazar."  Rabbi Elazar was the grandson of the famed Baba Sali, and son of Baba Meir Abuchatzeira ■ more

Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Mrs. Rhoda Krinsky, OB"M 
With sadness we inform of the passing of Mrs. Rhoda Krinsky, ob"m, of Melbourne, Australia. The Levaya will take place Friday at 1:00pm at the Melbourne Chevra Kadisha Cemetery Browns Rd, Springvale ■ more details
Gallery of the Day
 IsraeLinks Tour Inspires American Students 
Photograph: Meir Alfasi

IsraeLinks' impact on the students was immediately apparent. Many are now committed to Shabbos observance and other mitzvot. Over 25 percent of alumni plan on furthering their Jewish education on a full or part-time basis once they return to university or on completion of their college studies. Most importantly, all Israelinks participants are firmly committed to marrying Jews ■ more 

Neighborly Kindness
 Helping Jewish Retreat Girls Beat the Heat 
As temperatures soared in New York during the recent summer heat wave, the staff of the Jewish Girls Retreat in Troy, N.Y., took action to ensure the safety of their preteen and teenaged campers, finding kindness and compassion at the neighboring Italian Community Center ■ more
Mazel Tov!
 Bris Milah Off the Ballot 
Photograph: Illustration
San Francisco residents will not be voting in November on whether to prohibit circumcision after all, according to a tentative ruling by a Superior Court judge made public Wednesday ■ “the evidence presented is overwhelmingly persuasive that circumcision is a widely practiced medical procedure ■ more

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