B"H Thursday, 8 Tishrey 5775 | October 02 2014
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"Tut Altz Vos Ihr Kent"
 200 Shluchim at 39th West Coast Kinus 
Photograph: David Miller
Some 200 Shluchim of The Rebbe gathered this week for the 39th Annual West Coast Chabad Kinus HaShluchim. In 5732 West Coast Chabad launched the very first Kinus HaShluchim with the blessing and encouragement of The Rebbe, and subsequently inspired the creation of the worldwide Kinus HaShluchim in New York ■ more 
Report from New Zealand
 Chabad House Toppled in Earthquake 
A 6.3-magnitude earthquake rocked New Zealand’s second-largest city Tuesday morning, sending buildings crashing to the street and toppling the city’s central Chabad-Lubavitch center ■ more
 Mrs. Freida Segal, OB"M 

With sadness we report the passing of Mrs. Freida Segal, ob"m, of Kfar Chabad.  Mrs. Segal was the daughter of the famous Chossid R' Refoel Nachman (Foleh) Kahan, wife of R' Gershon Segal ■ more

Ezrat Chana
 Women and Girls Support Baby Fund 
Photograph: CHI
Close to 100 young women braved sub-teen temperatures to attend a fundraiser at the home of Menachem and Dini Gurevich for a local organization which helps welcome newborns ■ more
Saluting Chabad Har Choma
 Avraham Fried and Rami Levi at Dinner 
Photograph: Berele Scheiner

Hundreds of friends and supporters turned out to salute the Chabad House of Har Chomah and Shliach Menachem Brand.  Rabbi Yaakov Halperin chaired the evening and was a major factor in the success of the dinner ■ more 

Chabad of KU
 Menorah Back, In Need of Repairs 
Photograph: Archive
A menorah sits outside the Chabad Jewish Center at the University of Kansas once again. The structure was vandalized sometime on Friday evening, the 30th of Shvat or Saturday morning, . The pieces were recovered four days later on ■ more
The Chamu Jewish Center
 New Chabad House Dedicated in N. Orlando 
Rabbi Yanky Majesky
Rabbi Yanky Majesky | Photograph: Excerpt fron Video
A little more than a year ago, Rabbi Yanky Majesky and his wife, Chanshy, moved to Lake Mary to establish Chabad Lubavitch of North Orlando. Although they did not have a location, they held their social events, services, classes—even their Sunday School—at local Jewish homes and hotels around town ■ more
Massive Purim Koton Rally
 Following the Rebbe's Lead in Oholei Torah 
Oholei Torah holds an unprecedented massive Purim Koton Rally following the Rebbe’s lead from Purim Koton 5741, a massive Rally for all grades, from pre-1A to grade 8 in Oholei Torah ■ more
Chabad of Litchfield
 US Government Cosidering Intervention 
In a notice filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that it is considering intervening in a lawsuit in which the group Chabad Lubavitch of Litchfield County Inc. is suing the Borough of Litchfield and its Historic District Commission for denying plans to expand a structure ■ more
Shabbos 1,000
 Record Numbers of Students for Shabbos 
Chairman of Chabad on Campus UK Rabbi Eli Brackman was delighted with the success of the event. “Shabbos 1000 demonstrates the profound collective impact which our 13 Chabad student centres nationwide are having on Jewish students,” he said ■ more
A Vision Realized
 Mikvah Chaya Mushka Dedicated in Canberra 
Photograph: Lubavitch.com

They had no kosher butcher or Jewish school for half a century, so the opening of a new mikvah in Canberra last Tuesday was a watershed event for the local Jewish community ■ The opening came three years to the day since a group of local women  Rabbi Aharon Serebryanski with a request to build a mikvah ■ more

 Mr. Leo Weissman, OB"M 
With sadness we inform you of the passing of Mr. Leo Weissman, resident of Crown Heights since 1940.  The Levaya took place today-Thursday @ 2:00PM ■ more
Boruch Dayan HaEmes
 Rabbi Moshe Niselevitz, OB"M 
With profound sadness we report the passing of Rabbi Moshe Niselevitz, ob"m, a dear Chossid, devoted to the Rebbe with absolute dedication ■ more
Chabad of Melbourne CBD
 Luncheon: Taking Action On Climate Change 
Rabbi Chaim Herzog the Shliach of Chabad of Melbourne CBD organized a very successful business men & women's luncheon on a very relevant topic in today's time and world the topic was, "Taking Action On Climate Change ■ more
Tzivos Hashem of S. Florida
 Eighth Annual Jewish Family Adventure Day 
Photograph: Shmais
Over four thousand Jewish children and their parents from South Florida and visitors from many other States and Canada attended the eight annual Family Adventure Day at Jungle Island theme Park ■ more 
Chabad of Bonita
 200 Participate in Hachnosas Sefer Torah 
Photograph: Naples Daily News
“To understand the excitement of dedicating a new Torah, think along the lines of viewing Halley’s Comet, and moon landings,” said Rabbi Mendy Greenberg, leader of Chabad in Bonita. “These are momentous, awe-inspiring events ■ more 

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