B"H Wednesday, 24 Tishrey 5777 | October 26 2016
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Kestenbaum & Company
 Rare Sifrei Chassidus to be Auctioned 
Photograph: Excerpt from Catalog
Kestenbaum and Company is famous for its auctions of rare and valuable Judaica, both printed and kisvei yad. The next auction will take place this coming Thursday, the 22nd of Iyar. The present auction incorporates rare books, manuscripts and important letters consigned from a number of illustrious rabbinic libraries. This includes the Rivkin and Zuckerman family: Jerusalem-born Rabbi Sholom Rivkin ■ more
Project Extreme
 Spiritual Tools for Effective Parenting 
Good news: Spiritual Tool for Parenting Teleseminar is being presented by Project Extreme for the benefit of parents who are struggling with their teen age children. The presenter is Shliach Rabbi Shais Taub ■ more
Lag B'Omer 5773
 Chabad Youth NSW Celebrate at the Yeshiva 
After much preparation and efforts from so many the day finally arrived. Celebration was in the air and the music was uplifting and exciting ■ At the Rally Rabbi Pinchus Feldman spoke of the importance of the day and how around the globe, especially in Israel, hundreds of thousands of Jewish people were celebrating ■ more 
Dear Extended Family:
 A Heartfelt Plea from the Rubashkin Children 

Dear extended family, This has been a tremendous nisayon for our entire family, every single day. We are so grateful to all of you for all you have done and what we have accomplished in this fight for our father's life ■ more

10 Years of Shlichus
 New Chabad House Dedicated in Vancouver 
Photograph: The Columbian/ Steven Lane
It's been 10 years since Rabbi Shmulik and Tzivie Greenberg traveled from Brooklyn to make Vancouver their home. Time for a celebration, as Chabad Jewish Center on Sunday marked a decade and dedicated its expanded and remodeled center ■ more 
Lag B'Omer 5773
 Kiyat Moshe: Record Breaking Participation 

1,500 children marched down the main street of Yerushalayim's Kiryat Moshe neighborhood, headed by Shliach Rabbi Daniel Calev with the massive assistance of Tmimim, making a Kiddush Hashem and Kiddush Lubavitch ■ more 

Lag B'Omer 5773
 The Elite Drum Corps Parades in Beitar Ilit 

Leading the parade in Beitar Ilit was the elite Tiferes Menachem Drum Corps, to the delight of the many onlookers. Thanks to Tmimim Menachem Mendel and Sholom Ber Blau ■ more 

Lag B'Omer, 5773
 Fiery Enthusiasm Replaces Scorching Heat 
Photograph: Motti Heshkop

The scorching heat didn't deter hundreds of Eilat residents -young and old - to step out of their air conditioned homes and parade in honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, with fiery Chassidishe enthusiam ■ more 

Lag B'Omer 5773
 Kikar HaShabbos Shook with Ani Maamin 
Ginormous Parade in Yerushalayim
Ginormous Parade in Yerushalayim

Over 10,000 cheder kinderlach took part in the giant Lag B'Omer Parade in the center of Yerushalayim. The parade is coordinated annually under the auspices of Tzach and Rabbi YY HaKohein Aharonov, and expertly emceed by Rabbi Naftoli Roth. The Parade is the high point of the year for many of the participants and onlookers, and is the source of a major Kiddush Shem Lubavitch in the Holy City ■ more 


Lag B'Omer Parade, 5773
 Kiddush Shem Lubavitch at Grand Parade 
A Salute to The Rebbe
A Salute to The Rebbe | Photograph: Shturem NY
What a Parade! Every part of the program, every float, every marching band, drum corps and marching group was perfect. It was an event to be remembered, that surely brought the Rebbe great nachas ■ more
LIVE: Lag B'Omer Parade, 5773
 The Grand Parade:The Final Countdown 
Photograph: Shturem
Thank you to an anonymous Shturem reader who arrived at 770 early, and shared these photos with Shturem ■ more 
Lag B'Omer 5773
 Sydney: Over 500 Rejoice with Rabbi Shimon 

Over 500 people attended this year’s Lag B’Omer evening at Tzemach Tzedek. People came from all around Sydney to join in this annual event. The evening started with the lighting of the Bonfire by Vice President of Tzemach Tzedek , Rabbi Yitzchok Shimon Barber ■ more 

Lag B'Omer, 5773
 Tel Aviv Streets Closed during Parade 
Photograph: Shturem
The main thoroughfares of Tel Aviv were closed to vehicular traffic today, while hundreds of children paraded down the streets in honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai ■ more 
Lag B'Omer 5773
 Crown Heights Celebrates with Huge Hadloko 
Kan Tzivah, Last Night
Kan Tzivah, Last Night | Photograph: chabadpictures.com
Hundreds of Crown Heights residents celebrated Lag B'Omer eve with a grand Hadloko -bonfire - in honor of the holy Tanna Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai ■ more 
Leb'n Mit 'n Rebbe
 Living Torah : Keep It Warm 
Photograph: Excerpt from JEM Clip
Opening the Week with The Rebbe: "May G-d bless you with increased wealth and much nachas from your children. California is a warm place. Warm it up spiritually as well, with Judaism ■ more 
Lag B'Omer 5773
 Cheder at the Ohel: Pre Lag B'Omer Parade 

Cheder at the Ohel held a pre Lag b'Omer parade today in Valley Stream, NY, complete with a police escort and a car playing accapella chassidic music. Children marched from their school, down the block, holding posters of different Jewish themes. The 12 posukim, the laws of kashrus and the 10 mivtziom were some of the themes ■ more


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