B"H Tuesday, 19 Kislev 5776 | December 01 2015
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Gallery of the Day
 Open House Day in Oholei Torah Kindergarten 
Photograph: Eli Tee for Oholei Torah
On Sunday, 20 of Sivan, well over 350 people traveled to East Flatbush from Crown Heights and other points of NY for the premier viewing of the newly built East Flatbush Kindergarten ■ this is a true simcha, as we gather in Reb Michoel’s shul as its re-built and ready for many years of use in the future ■ more 
Mazel Tov!
 Peles - Edelman Chasene Gallery 
Photograph: Meir Alfasi/ Shturem

The Peles and Edelman families celebrated the chasene of their children HaTomim Menachem Mendel and Etka last night in Kfar Chabad.  The kallah is the grandaughter of Shluchim Rabbi & Mrs. Sholom Edelman of Casablanca ■ more 

Chabad of Edgeware
 Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee Lubavitch Style 
Photograph: Shturem
During the Bank Holiday Monday of the Queen's 60th Jubilee, Nechamie Sudak ran a successful Craft Fun Day for the children while they were off from school at Lubavitch of Edgware for the community ■ more 
"Do the Right Thing"
 Councilman Greenfield Steps Out for Litzman 
Photograph: Newsday
Councilman David G. Greenfield (D-Brooklyn) is calling on the NYPD to immediately reinstate recruit Fishel Litzman, who was dismissed from the Academy this past Friday June 8th for refusing to trim his beard, which he keeps at a short length as part of his religious beliefs as a Chasidic Jew ■ more
CGI Ready for Camp Season
 Rabbi Bentzion Shemtov Returns to CGI Detroit 
Ever since early winter, the offices of Camp Gan Yisroel Detroit, have been buzzing with preparation for their annual summer program. Year after Year CGI Detroit has proved itself at being the ultimate summer camp experience, combining authentic Chassidishe Chinuch with a wholesome physical program ■ more 
Dovrei Ivrit
 War Hero to Speak at Gimmel Tammuz Event 
Ahead of Gimmel Tammuz, Chabad Israeli Centers, a special division of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, with the organizational assistance of a group of Israeli Bochurim, will hold a special event at the Ohel for Israeli expatriates and Hebrew-speakers from the New York area ■ more
Photo of the Day
 Shliach Rabbi Weitman Hosts Rabbi Amar 
Last night, Motzoei Shabbos B'haaloshcho, Shliach Rabbi Dovid Weitman hosted Rabbi Shlomo Amar for a Melave Malka in his home ■ Many Shluchim and Rabbonim participated ■ more 
Brazil: Rabbi Amar Visits Mosdos
 "I Recieved Strength from The Rebbe's Shluchim" 
Last Wednesday, the Jewish tycoon Mr. Joseph Safra celebrated the wedding of his son David Safra. Among the honored guests who came from around the world to attend the wedding was Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Shlomo Amar. During his stay in Paulo, Chief Rabbi Amar made it a priority to visit the Lubavitch Educational Institutions in the city ■ more 
Boro Prez "Deeply Troubled"
 Lubavitcher Fired from Police Acadamy 
Fishel Litzman, who was just a month away from joining the force, refused to cut his scraggly fuzz because it would violate his religions beliefs — and was then drummed out of the NYPD ■ more
Think Jewish Gets Face Lift
 New: The Scroll, A Print Publication 
When Yossi Kahan, 22, goes out on Friday afternoons, he takes handfuls of Chabad.org’s weekly print publication with him. A Chabad-Lubavitch rabbinical student in Manalapan, N.J., Kahan has a regular route where he visits Jewish business owners and engages them and their customers in discussions about that week’s Torah portion and other aspects of Judaism ■ more
Acharei Sreifa Misashrim
 Oholei Torah East Flatbush Campus Viewing 
Photograph: Shturem


Join and take pride this Sunday, the 20 of Sivan from 12pm – 2pm , to see and tour the newly built Kindergarten Campus in East Flatbush, fondly known as Reb Michoel’s Shul.
This building was home to multitudes of Talmidim for close to 40 years. After the devastating fire just over a year ago, it was re-built ■ more
Be There!
 Chof Av: Siyum of Fifth Children's Sefer Torah 

The Siyum and Hachnosa of the Fifth Children’s Sefer Torah will be held onWednesday, 20th Menachem Av, 5772 ■ When the first Sefer Torah was completed, the Rebbe sent the late Rabbi Zalman Shimon Dworkin as his personal representative to the siyum ■ more 



CGI Central
 ACA Endorses Camp Training Conference 

With summer a few weeks away, CGI Central – a division of The Shluchim Office is readying for its maiden Camp Training Conference. Taking place in Crown Heights on Thursday, Tammuz 1 (June 21), the conference will cover five core topics through informative and engaging workshops, all facilitated by qualified presenters ■ more



Boruch Dayan HoEmes
 Mrs. Tamar Lipsh, OB"M 
With sadness we report the passing of Mrs. Tamar Lipsh, ob'm, widow of R' Yeshaya Lipsh, ob"m, one of the early settlers of Kfar Chabad.  Mrs. Lipsh was a grandaughter of rabbi Yisroel Noach Belinitzky, ob"m ■ more
Updated: Anti-Semitism in Lyon
 Brutal Assault Wounds Three Tmimim 
Photograph: Lubavitch.com
Three Tmimim were brutally attacked in Lyon, France on Shabbos afternoon, Yud Bais Sivan, by a large group of Muslims. The victims were returning home from a Shabbos meal with friends, and were passing through a predominantly Muslim neighborhood when they were verbally and physically assaulted ■ more
Securing a Sanctuary
 Step by Step Chabad House Security Plan 
The rabbi of the Chabad House that Slotnick assisted gave permission for Slotnick to describe the security issues and the security system that resulted, although he did not want the facility named, nor did he want to comment in this article himself ■ “The intent is to have a system that is unobtrusive, welcoming—the system should be invisible to people who attend the synagogue ■ more

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