B"H Tuesday, 24 Elul 5776 | September 27 2016
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Bread of Faith
 Rabbi Cunin Relates: An Impromptu Seder 
Photograph: Avner Institute
It was Friday afternoon Erev Pesach 5718 a few hours to go till the holiday officially began. A group of Chabad yeshiva boys in Brooklyn had finished baking the last of the matzah. The Lubavitcher Rebbe used to give a piece of hand-baked matzah to people as a spiritual gift in these final hours, as the mystical Jewish work, the Zohar, explains that matzah is the “bread of faith ■ more
Pesach 5773
 770: Seudas Moshiach Photo Gallery 
Photograph: Chabad Pictures.com
770 was packed with Anash and Tmimim participating in Seudas Moshiach at the conclusion of Acharon shel Pesach. The huge crowd sang the niggunim of the Rebbeim with great dveikus ■ more 
Pesach 5773
 Montreal: Anash Gather for Kinus Torah 

Yesterday Anash and the Tmimim of Montreal gathered for the annual Kinus Torah, following the Rebbe's horoah to convene after Yom Tov to discuss Torah issues ■ more 

Pesach 5773
 770: The Last Moments of Seudas Moshiach 
Photograph: CHI
Seudas Moshiach was celebrated in 770 by hundreds of Tmimim and Anash downstairs and in the small Zal. Rabbi Yoel Kahan, the Rebbe's choizer, led the Seudas Moshiach ■ more 
Pesach 5773
 Katmandu Record Broken: 1,200 at Seder 

Shliach Rabbi Chezki Lifschitz of Katmandu, Nepal, reports a record breaking number of participants in this year's Seder. The 1,200 guests assembled an hour and a half before the actual seder, with R' Chezki explaining the seder procedure to the assembled over the microphone ■ more 

Pesach 5773
 Bariloche: Hundreds of Backpackers Celebrate 
Erev Pesach in Bariloche
Erev Pesach in Bariloche
The Chabad House in Bariloche, Argentina, is located 2,000 kilometers from the closest Jewish community, attracting masses of Israeli backpackers and tourists. One week before Pesach, Shluchim Rabbi Boaz and Fradel Klein are busy preparing huge amounts of vegetables, fish and poultry ■ more 
A Very Hearty Mazel Tov!
 It's a Boy for R' Yair Borochov & Family! 

The administration and editorial staff of Shturem.org wish a personal and hearty Mazel Tov to our editor R' Yair Borochov and wife, on the birth of their firstborn son ■ more

Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 Four Cups of Wine and Moshiach? 

On the afternoon of Achron Shel Pesach (the 8th day of Pesach[in Eretz HaKodesh the 7th day]) a festive meal is eaten; The Baal Shem Tov referred to this as Seudas Moshiach, because “on Achron Shel Pesach there shines a revelation of the aura of Moshiach. ■  more

Pesach 5773
 Kinus Torah in Crown Heights 
Following the Rebbe’s directive to gather for public Torah learning during the days of Chol Hamoed, over one hundred anash gathered in Kolel Menachem in Crown Heights for a special Kinus Torah on inyana d’yoima. The kinus was arranged by Rabbi Shmuel Pevzner of Merkaz Anash, the central organization for anash based in Crown Heights ■ more 
Pesach 5773
 Moscow: 1,500 Participate in Seder 
Seder in Moscow
Seder in Moscow

The heavy snow that piled up and the freezing cold did not deter 1,500 Yidden from participating in the public sedorin in Moscow, headed by Head Shliach Rabbi Berel Lazar, at Marina Roscha ■ more 

Pesach 5773
 Vinnitza: Hundreds Join Shliach for Sedorim 

Hundreds of Yidden celebrated the Sedorim in Vinnitza, Western Ukraine, with Rabbi Shaul HaLevi and Mrs. Horowitz, the Rebbe's Shluchim to Vinnitza ■ more 

Pesach 5773
 Hundreds at Seder in Saloniki 
The Chabad House in Saloniki hosted hundreds at the Pesach Seder, headed by Shliach Rabbi Yoel Kaplan, Shliach to the Balkan countries. HaTomim Yosef Kaplan recited the Hagaddah with the guests ■ more 
Art & Soul
 Shluchim Unveil Mikveh & Donor Wall 
Photograph: Canadian Jewish News
At Art and Soul, the importance and mysteries of the mikvah were brought home through a short film and thoughts on the subject by some of the women who will be volunteer staff at the new mikvah ■ more
Mivtza Pesach 5773
 Seder with Shliach Rabbi Levi Azimov 
Photograph: MyCentralJersey
They came together Monday night to celebrate the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt thousands of years ago during a Passover Seder held at Chabad Jewish Center of South Brunswick ■ more 
Mivtza Pesach 5773
 Shliach Hosts Seder Demo in Saratoga Springs 
Saratoga Chabad Rabbi Abba Rubin demonstrated the pouring of the kiddush Monday in preparation for that evening’s Passover Seder ■ more 
Rabbinical Centre of Europe
 "Slovakian Historical Sites Need Preservation" 
Photograph: Benko Vladimir.
March 24, last Wednesday, a delegation of the European Jewish Association and The Rabbinical Centre of Europe, met with President of Slovakia, Ivan Ga¹parovi and Prime Minister Robert Fico ■ During the meeting, PM Fico, praised the major contribution of Slovakian Jews to the county's culture and heritage. The PM emphasized the importance of preserving Historical Jewish sites in Slovakia including Synagogues and cemeteries ■ more 


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