B"H Monday, 29 Shevat 5776 | February 08 2016
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A Good Beginning
 Newlywed Released for Shabbos 
Good news: the young married woman jailed for defection was released for Shabbos after efforts invested by Lubavitcher askonim. After Shabbos she will report back to prison ■ more
Chazoko in Costa Rica
 Yeshivas Kayitz: Combining Learning and Fun 
Photograph: CHI
For the third straight summer, Yeshivas Kayitz-Costa Rica was an unbelievable success. The program, under the auspices of the Head Shliach to Costa Rica Rabbi Hershel Spalter, and organized by director Moshe Minsky, was geared towards yeshiva students ages 16-17 who were looking to have an exciting summer while continuing to have a Yeshiva experience ■ more
Raminsky, Moscow
 New Shul Sign of Amazing Jewish Revival 
Photograph: FJC
Chanukas HaBayis of Raminsky, Moscow Shul: Thanks to the amazing revival of Russian Jewry throughout the FSU, there is an ever growing demand for vibrant Jewish life ■ more
Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe
 There Is Shlichus After Diagnosis 
Unconditional love and acceptance are without a doubt an important mainstay of every individual’s success. As Shluchim, we offer this to so many Jews, helping them to strengthen their self-image and their identities as contributing members of the Jewish Nation. The children of Shluchim, their siblings, and their extended families deserve no less ■ more
A Role Model
 New Firefighter Puts Out Fire 
Photograph: Chashan
 This report in from Kfar Chabad: a fire broke out near the Pre-School building in Kfar Chabad.  The Fire Departmant was called, but until they arrived, Mayor R' Binyomin Lifshitz wasted no time ■ more 
Rabbi Manis Friedman
 Part Chai Love Your Fellow Jew 
Rabbi Manis Friedman's Elul series continues.  Shturem presents part 18- Chai Elul at Stern College. Don't miss ■ to view clip
Jupiter Shofar Factory
 Creating the Oldest Wind Instrument 
Photograph: TC Palm
Chabad Chapter of Jupiter created a Shofar Factory in Abacoa's Town Center Sunday, Sept. 2 for kids and families to make ram's horns---shofars---and take them home for the upcoming Jewish New Year holidays ■ Rabbi Aaron Rabin facilitated this unique workshop, captivating the attention of the children and adults alike with his humor ■ more
Farbrengen in The Shul
 Chai Elul in Bal Harbor 
Photograph: Bentzi Sasson
At the conclusion of the Shloshim for Mr Sami Rohr there was a spontaneous farbrengen that took place at The Shul with Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky vice chairman of Merkos and Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar, Rov of The Shul, that lasted till the early hours of the morning ■ more
First Look
 First Look! Mitzvah Boulevard 2! Cover & Stills 
Mitzvah Boulevard 2 has gone to print! For those of you with kids, that might be one of the most exciting things you have heard in months. Mitzvah Boulevard is the new puppet DVD for kids that blasted onto the scene just less than 2 years ago ■ more
RCP to French Ambassador
 "Stop EU Support of Terrorism" 
Photograph: Shturem
A prominent delegation of the Rabbinical Congress of Peace (RCP) representing over 350 leading rabbis in Israel met with French Ambassador to Israel Cristophe Bigot today and urged him to use France’s influence to put an end to EU funding of anti-Israel and leftist groups in Israel ■ more
YTT, Sofia, Bulgaria
 Tomchei Tmimim Branches Out 
Tmimim | Photograph: YY Belinko
The newest branch of Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim is opening in Sofia, Bulgaria. The yeshiva will be accepting Tmimim who concluded Yeshiva Gedola, and would like to contiue learning in a Shlichus setting ■ more
Attention Anash
 A Call for Help! 
Rabbi Yaroslavsky
Rabbi Yaroslavsky | Photograph: Meir Alfasi
 As reported earlier, the Lubavitcher young bride was sentenced to 50 days in prison. After the initial shock died down, Rabbi YY Yaroslavsky, Mazkir of the Beis Din, turned to Anash in an emotional letter, asking to assist the young couple cope with theunforeseen financial burden that this case will be bringing ■ more
The Verdict:
 50 Days Behind Prison Bars 
 The Lubavitcher young bride incarcerated in an IDF prison for defection, has been served her verdict: instead of realizing her plans to be in 770 for Tishrei with her husband of one month, she will continue to serve time -50 days- in jail ■ more
Mazel Tov!
 Chanukas HaBayis for Cheder Chabad 
Photograph: Monsey Chabad
Lubavitch of Monsey, Cheder Chabad of Monsey and Monsey Beis Chaya Mushka High School for Girls held an exciting ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday afternoon ■ more
Sharing Struggles and Successes
 Actor Gives Back at Chabad Treatment Center 
Photograph: Mushka Lighstone/ Algemeiner
David Arquette paid a visit last Thursday to the Chabad Residential Treatment Center in Los Angeles, to share his personal struggles with alcoholism, addiction, and sobriety in a discussion with the center’s residents ■ Marcus also afforded the forty-one year old actor an opportunity to don Tefillin and pray for himself and the center’s residents ■ more
Berlin, Germany
 Anti-Semitic Attack on Chabad Schoolchildren 
Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel
Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel | Photograph: Shturem Archive
On Monday morning, 13 children in grades 7, 8, and 9 who attend the Chabad School in Berlin- Charlottenburg were subjected to anti-Semitic taunts such as “Are you Jewish?” and were photographed by a group of several unidentified “Southern” youths believed to be Muslims ■ more

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