B"H Saturday, 8 Cheshvan 5775 | November 01 2014
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Gallery of the Day
 Purim in Katmandu, Nepal 
Rabbi Lifschitz
Rabbi Lifschitz | Photograph: Shturem

This photo gallery comes to the Shturem editorial desk thanks to one of the participants in the great Purim fests of Chabad of Nepal ■ The festivities took place in several locations, and Megillos, graggers and hamentashen were delivered to the popular tourist locations ■ more 

Chabad of Pacific Palisades
 The Shtetl Makes a Comeback 
Photograph: Patch.com/Linda Rubin
The Palisades Recreation Center gym looked like a throwback to the old country. It was another theme party hosted by Chabad Jewish Community Center of Pacific Palisades, the theme this time - Purim in the shtetl, complete with a farm scene, water well and bales of hay ■ more 
Chabad of Kharkov
 2,000 at Gala Purim Circus 
Photograph: Shturem
Over 2000 people took part in an amazing Purim program at the Kharkov circus ! This year , the circus began at 9:00 am on a Sunday morning - and despite the early hour, the place was packed ! The Vice Governor and Vice Mayor both mentioned in their speeches how amazed they were at the Jewish community of Kharkov ■ more 
Chabad of Delaware
 Marking Purim as 'Expression of Joy' 
Photograph: Delaware Online
"We thank G-d for the salvation of the Jewish people," said Rabbi Chuni Vogel, who is the director of the Chabad Center for Jewish Life near Wilmington. More than 150 people came, mostly from the Delaware area, to pray, listen to the reading of the scroll and celebrate ■ more 
Eshel Binyamin
 Tzfas: No Yid Was Forgotten 

The days before Purim found the Eshel Binyamin volunteers visiting all the golden agers and the lonely at their homes.  They brought them Purim joy and Mishloach Manos ■ The directors of Eshel Binyamin have no time to rest on their laurels, and are already busy coordinating Mivtza Pesach ■ more

Chabad of Manchester
 Purim With the Friendship Circle 
Over 80 people enjoyed Purim celebrations with the Friendship Circle of Manchester, UK on Purim day, with Megillah being read for everyone followed by lunch and some serious dancing ■ more 
31st Time in S. Broward:
 Ginormous Mivtza Purim: 3,000 Manos! 
Photograph: Illustration
For the thirty first consecutive year, Chabad of South Broward distributed thousands of Shalach Monos - Purim food gift baskets, to every Jewish resident in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes and schools throughout South Broward ■ more
Ad Mosai???? MOSHIACH NOW!!
 Nichum Aveilim Info for Keller Family 
Mrs. Chana Miriam Keller, Mrs. Shterna Keller and her children: Mrs. Baila Krainer, R' Yossi Keller, R' Efrayim Keller, R' Avremel Keller, Mrs. Mattie Hecht, Sholom Keller, Aron Keller, Levi Keller and Mrs. Chaya Kirsh are sitting Shiva - until Sunday - after the very untimely passing of their dear husband / son / brother R' Hendel OBM ■ more
Chabad of South Kensington
 Historic Purim at Imperial College Union 
Photograph: Shturem
Over 40 students gathered together for a historic Purim gathering that took place in the Imperial College Union Dining hall on the South Kensington campus ■ “The event brought people together, and was so entertaining that I didn’t want to leave ■ more
Chabad of Melbourne CBD
 New Venue, Same Great Purim Celebration 
Photograph: Shturem
When everyone thought everything was at an end in walked Mendy Mochkin and his Mesivta Class; it's a wonder the floor didn't cave in from the music which was played by another youth from Yeshivah College and the lebidike dancing from the Mesivta boys ■ more 
 OTEG Purim Carnival Today 
Today, Shushan Purim, OTEG – Oholei Torah Eighth Grade – will be sponsoring a PURIM CARNIVAL for the boys in the community in the Oholei Torah Gym from 2:00 till 4:30 ■ more
 AD MOSAI??? Mrs. Miriam Kagan, OB"M 
With profound sadness we report the untimely and tragic passing of Mrs. Miriam Kagan, ob"m, of Yerushalayim, at the age of 42, after battling a fatal illness, r"l.  She passed away on Erev Purim ■ more
Chabad of Peoria
 A Mexican Twist on a Jewish Festival 
Rabbi Dovid Scheiner
Rabbi Dovid Scheiner | Photograph: SEAN WORK/JOURNAL STAR
The Chabad Jewish Center of Peoria hosted a Mexican-themed celebration of the Jewish festival of Purim at Barracks Cater Inn, 1224 W. Pioneer Parkway, where more than 50 Jews gathered to hear the megillah read, listen to music and eat tray after tray of Mexican food ■ more
Chabad of Pittsburg
 300 at Purim Seuda at Lubavitch Center 
Photograph: Shturem
Close to three hundred people gathered for a Purim seudah tonight at the Lubavitch center, organized by Rabbi Choni Friedman ■ Special guest for Purim was Rabbi Meir Parshan of Toronto, who spent the Purim weekend in Pittsburgh ■ more 
24 Hours of Festivities
 Ad D'Lo Yada Cherson Style 
Purim in Cherson, Ukraine
Purim in Cherson, Ukraine | Photograph: Shturem

Hundreds of Yidden in Cherson, Ukraine turned out to celebrate Purim with the Rebbe's Shluchim to the city in the newly renovated shul.  Shliach Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Wolf opened the festivities with a speech about the mitzvos of the day, and Rabbi Nir Goshen read the Megillah ■ more 

 Tragedy: R' Hendel Keller, OB"M 
Tragedy in Crown Heights: It is with great pain and deep sadness that we inform you of the tragic and untimely passing of R'  ChanochHendel Keller, ob"m, at the young age of 34 ■ more

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