B"H Thursday, 22 Tammuz 5776 | July 28 2016
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 Aliya Launches $1.8 M Dorm Campaign 
Photograph: NY Daily News
A controversial Crown Heights synagogue featured in a viral web video showing one of its young members being pummeled by cops is trying to turn the fracas into a mitzvah.The Aliya Institute on East New York Ave. is trying to raise $1.8 million to buy a nearby five-story building which will house dorms for teens and men in their 20’s ■ more
History in LA
 Tiferes Menachem: Future Dayonim Tested 
The Dayanus students of Kollel Tiferes Menachem of Los Angeles under the direction of Rabbi Dovid Schmukler, made history with their first Dayanus test. The Rabbis were tested by HaRav Dovid Schochet, chief Rabbi of Toronto ■ more
One Time Opportunity
 Do You Know It or Not? 
Sunday Night at Kollel Menachem: Special presentation in two parts by Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaiken, Rov of Cleveland, Ohio and expert on family Halacha ■ more 
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 This Weeks Living Torah Clip 
Photograph: Excerpt from JEM clip
The Rebbe is mekadesh the levana in back of his house on President Street, Tes Shvat, 5749 ■ more
Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 Teshuvah Prior to the Geulah 
Our Sages state that all the predetermined times (for the Geulah) have already passed, and the requirement of repentance has also been fulfilled; so certainly Hashem has to fulfill the plea of the Jewish people, to bring the true and complete Redemption ■ more
At Last
 Last Stranded Passengers Return Home 
After being stranded in Kiev for days, the last passengers happily made their way home. The travelers were on their way home from the Alter Rebbe's Tzion in Haditch ■ more
Camp Tzeirei HaShluchos
 "Camp is Just One Happy Family" 
Winter camp for European Tzeirei Hashluchos in Sweden has just ended. Ten days were packed with all the fun of camp, plus a special dose of chayus and hiskashrus and the warmth of Yaldei Hashluchos bonding with new and old friends. "Chassidim ein mishpacha,"says Rabbi Namdar, who directs the camp ■ more
Photo of the Day
 Mach Doh Crown Heights 
 It's not Crown Heights. A few times a year we post a "770 in the snow" gallery. This time, it's 770 in Ramat Shlomo, Yerushalayim, that is covered in snow. The roads to Yerushalayim are now closed ■ more
Chof Daled Teves 200
 Merkaz Anash: Hundreds at Yom Iyun 
Marking the two hundredth yahrtziet of the Alter Rebbe, hundreds of Anash gathered in the hall of Lubavitcher Yeshivah – Chovevei Torah for a day of learning the works of the Alter Rebbe in nigleh and Chassidus. Hundreds more worldwide watched the event via the internet ■ more
134th Yom Huledes
 Rare Photo of Rebbetzin Chana 
Photograph: Shmais
Shliach R' Levi Chodakov (aka Shmais) shared this rare photo of Rebbetzin Chana, in honor of her 134th yom huledes today, Chof Ches Teves ■ more
 Snow Inundated Meoras HaMachpela 
Photograph: Minhelet Meoras HaMachpela

The snow in Chevron inundated the Meoras HaMachpela – both outside and inside. Several years ago, members of the Chevron community began an effort to upgrade the prayer rooms used by Jews at the holy site. Leaking has been a major problem at Meoras HaMachpela for years ■ more

Chof Daled Teves 200
 Tanya Printed in the Australian Bush 
Photograph: Chabad.org
In more than two centuries since the founder of Chabad-Lubavitch, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, authored the Tanya, the seminal work on Chabad philosophy has journeyed to far-off places—being printed in multiple languages across continents from Africa to Asia, and Australia too. But this wasn’t your cosmopolitan Sydney or Melbourne—this time the Tanya headed to the Australian bush ■ more
Chof Daled Teves 200
 Arizona: Four Cities Get Tanyas 
It's over two years since Rabbi Berel and Chana Zaklikofsky established their Chabad Center in Goodyear and felt the need to print the Tanya in their city as well the nearby cities with the permission of the Head Shliach Rabbi Zalman Levertov, Director of Chabad of Arizona ■ more
"Better Days Ahead"
 No Takers for Achei Tmimim 
Photograph: Shturem Archives
The Internal Revenue Service received no bids at its auction last week of the Yeshiva Academy and Yeshiva Achei Tmimim synagogue, and has released the Newton Avenue property back to the religious organization. “That was the news I was praying for,” Rabbi Mendel Fogelman said in an interview ■ more
Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Mrs. Rochel Pewzner, OB"M 
With sadness we inform you of the passing of  Mrs. Rochel Pewzner, ob"m, of Crown Heights at age 83. Mrs. Pewzner is the widow of Rabbi Sholom Ber Pewzner, ob"m and daughter of Mashpia Rabbi Nissan Nemanov, ob"m. The levaye will take place today at Shomrei Hadas, at 11:45 am, passing 770 at lerech 12:30 pm ■ more
Chof Daled Teves 200
 Fascinating Interview: Rabbi Danny Cohen 
Rabbi Danny Cohen, Shliach in Chevron, was interviewed by Yishai Fleisher in honor of Chof Daled teves. He speaks about his personal journey to Lubavitch, the history of Lubavitch in Chevron, the renewal of the Jewish settlement ■ more

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