B"H Tuesday, 23 Tishrey 5776 | October 06 2015
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Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Rabbi Shimon HaKohein Friedman, OB"M 
Rabbi Shimon HaKohein Friedman, ob"m
Rabbi Shimon HaKohein Friedman, ob"m | Photograph: Archives

With sadness we report the passing of beloved Chossid Rabbi Shimon HaKohein Friedman, ob"m, at the age of 78. The levaye will take place today, Erev Shv'ii shel Pesach, at 6:00 PM from the Shamgar Funeral Home ■ more

Eruv Tavshilin, Seudas Moshaich
 Gut Yom Tov, Gut Shabbos 
Shturem.org wishes all our readers, Anash and all Kllal Yisroel a Gut Yom Tov and Gut Shabbos.  May we be zoche to celebrate Seudas Moshiach with Melech HaMoshiach at our head ■ important, please read on
Chabad of Midtown Purchases Building
 Shliach Signs $40 Million Contract 
A flurry of lawsuits over 509 Fifth Ave. may become moot now that sources say Rabbi Joshua Metzger has signed a contract to pay $40 million for the nondescript building partially occupied by his nonprofit Chai Foundation and Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown ■ more
Shleimus HaAretz
 Large Contingent of Anash Visits Shomron 
Thousands of Anash from around the Holy Land put aside their jobs and activities to travel to the Town of Chomesh to participate in a mission to show support for the beleagured Jews of Shomron ■ more 
Updated: Chabad of Phuket Evacuated
 8.6 Quake Hits Sumatra, Tsunami Warnings 
Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo

 Tsunami warnings have been issued for places across the Indian Ocean after a massive earthquake hit Indonesia.  Shliach Rabbi Nechemai Wilhelm spoke with Shturem and reported that the Chabad House in Phuket has been evacuated ■ more

Tzivos Hashem Rally, 770
 The Rebbe's Soldiers Gather for Chai Nissan 
Photograph: CHI
Hundreds of Tzivos Hashem members - Crown Heights locals and out-of-town guests- gathered at home base in 770 for the annual Chai Nissan Rally ■ more 
Yud Alef Nissan, 5772
 11 Mitzvah Tanks Conquer Paris 
Tanks Conquer Paris
Tanks Conquer Paris | Photograph: Shturem

Eleven Mitzvah Tanks manned by Anash and the Tmimim conquered Paris on Yud Alef Nissan.  Hundreds of Yidden recieved Shmurah Matzoh, leiged Tfillin and signed up for mechiras chometz ■ more  

In the Press
 It's Friday, Time for a Chabad Visit 
Photograph: NJN
Every Friday morning, carloads of rabbinic students from Chabad of Western Monmouth County hit the shopping plazas along Route 9 in Manalapan, Marlboro, and Freehold. It’s not good deals the young men are in search of — it’s good deeds ■ more
Video of the Day
 Accelerated Online Smicha Program Dinner 
A special event was held in honor of a group of new Rabbinical graduates who completed the rigorous requirements of Online Smicha's "accelerated" program over a period of a year and a half. The special evening also doubled as a reunion in honor of the senior Rabbi's 80th birthday and in recognition of his nearly six decades of service in education and outreach ■ more
Gallery of the Day
 Fundraising Seminars Enlighten Future Shluchim 
Photograph: Bentzi Sasson
Merkos Suite 302’s Machon L’Shlichus launched a new seminar series last week to bring fundraising training to kollel yungeleit. Attended by about 20 participants, the pilot program, which was held in four parts last Sunday through Wednesday, aimed to give participants early preparations for fundraising tactics and challenges before going out on shlichus ■ more 
Yud Alef Nissan 5722
 Brazil Celebrates The Rebbe`s 110 Anniversary 
Last Monday, the Jewish communinty of Rio de Janeiro celebrated the 110th birthday of the Rebbe. The gala dinner, which took place at  Beit Lubavitch,was very well attended  with a large crowd of  community leaders and many young couples ■ more 
Erev Pesach 5772
 Hundreds Burn Chometz Outside770 
Photograph: Shmais

Hundreds burned their Chometz in a huge dumpster in front of 770. The fire was then extinguished by the FDNY ■ more 

Kinus Torah
 Kfar Chabad Fulfills The Rebbe's Horoa 
Photograph: HaTomim Ron Gol
בבית-הכנסת בשיכונים החדשים נערך היום כינוס תורה, במהלכו נשאו דברים הרב מאיר אליטוב, הרב דוד מאיר ברגמן ועוד.The first Kinus Torah in Kfar Chabad took place today, fulfilling the Rebbe's horoa to utilize Chol HaMoed to gather for kinusei Torah. The kinus took place at the Shul in the Shikunim, and Rabbis Meir Elituv and Dovid Meir Bergman spoke ■ more 
Fourth Floor Opens Monday
 Museum Tzivos Hashem: Learning about Roots 
Photograph: Excerpt from NY1 Clip
Just in time for Passover, the Jewish Children's Museum has opened a new exhibit that provides an interactive lesson in the history of the Jewish people. NY1's Roger Clark filed the following report ■ The Voyage Through Jewish History Exhibit, was a five-year project that cost $7 million ■ more 
Thank You from R' Sholom
 Each Letter Brings Warmth and Light 
Baruch Hashem, I had some time to visit with my family today, and to share some Torah thoughts on Pesach and the Hagadah. The children suggested we start with the 15 steps of the seder, Kadaish, urchatz etc, so we started singing it all together. “Kadaish, glaich ven der tatte kumpt ahaim fun shul darf er machen Kiddush ■ more
Yud Alef Nissan 5722
 Mivtzah Tank Parade in Toronto 
As 11 tanks rolled out of the Chabad Lubavitch parking lot and made their way down Bathurst St. the 680 news room was flooded with calls about a mobile parade making its way down south ■ more 

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