B"H Friday, 3 Elul 5774 | August 29 2014
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Achdus Sefer Torah
 A Letter from the Rubashkin Family 
A Sefer Torah is currently being written in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh in the merit of our father, R' Sholom Mordechai HaLevi Ben Rivkah ■ It is fitting and a great Zchus, for him and for all of us, to make this another opportunity for Achdus ■ more
New Kollel Announced
 Brunch Benefit at Heichal Menachem- Montreal 
A small reception was held this past Sunday for the friends and supporters Heichal Menachem Montreal ■ People were very impressed with the activities and presentations they had seen. “We wanted to say thank you. Their support is invaluable” said Rabbi Yudi Winterfeld ■ more 
JEM Update
 Road Trip! Watch Out Montreal. C'est Vrai! 
In a few short days, JEM's My Encounter with the Rebbe team will be trekking out to Montreal to do a sweep of interviews with Chabad elders and other individuals to capture precious testimony of the Rebbe ■ more 
Yad Layeled Hameyuchad
 Two Metzuyonim Celebrate Bar Mitzvah 
The Bar Mitzvah Boys at the Kosel
The Bar Mitzvah Boys at the Kosel | Photograph: Shturem

A special and emotional double Bar Mitzvah celebration took place this week at the Kosel Maarovi in Yerushalayim, under the auspices of "Yad Layeled Hameyuchad", and its Bar  Mitzvah project.  The organization gives these excellent children a simcha that they will never forget ■ more

Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Rabbi Shmuel Gurevitz, OB"M 
Rabbi Gurevitz Farbrengs
Rabbi Gurevitz Farbrengs | Photograph: Shturem

With sadness we report the passing of Rabbi Shmuel b"R' Itche der Masmid Gurevitz,ob"m, at the age of 93. R' Shmuel was a beloved longtime resident of Shikun Chabad Lod, and one of the eltere Chassidim in Eretz HaKodesh ■ more

A First for CIS Jr. Shluchim
 Shluchim Shtetl Winter Camp Gallery 
CGI Shluchim Shtetl
CGI Shluchim Shtetl | Photograph: Shturem

Yaldei HaShluchim in Ukraine enjoyed a unique mid-winter vacation at the Gan Yisroel Shluchim Shtetl Winter Camp.  Junior Shluchim came from cities far and near- Dnepropetrovsk, Zhitomir, Zaporozhe, Nikolaiev, Cherkass, Uzhgorod, Kiev, Krivy Rog and Dneprodzerzhinsk ■ more 

Yeshivas Menachem Mendel Lubavitch
 Siyum and Hachnosas Sefer Torah in Monsey 
The entire Yeshiva, along with many members of the Monsey community, accompanied the newly written Sefer Torah, sponsored in memory of Sheryl Bracha bas R’ Yosef Halevi A”H, along the procession route with lively singing and dancing. Little children proudly held torches and waved flags ■ more 
 R' Moshe Yess, OB"M 
With shock and sadness we report the passing of R' Moshe Yess of Montreal.  The levaye will be held in Montreal ■ more
Yud Shvat Learning Marathon
 '4 Free Bagels' with Yagdil Torah 
This Yud Shvat Yagdil Torah invites you to take part in our "4 free bagels" marathon. Join us during this auspicious time as we "learn the bagel" rather than sleep it ■ Inspiring learning at the Heichal Halimmud which will be open special hours from 6 AM Thursday, Ches Shvat, to 2 AM Monday, Chof Beis Shvat, non stop ■ more
Moishi's Rescuer Speaks
 Zakir Recalls Attack at Chabad House 
"On the night of 26/11, Sandra and I were chatting on the first floor when the terrorists barged into the building. We tried to come out and see what was happening, when a terrorist showered bullets. We hid the entire night in a room on the same floor," recalled Hussain ■ more
Rabbi & Mrs. Zalman Simon
 New Shluchim Join the Rebbe's Army 
Photograph: Shmais
Just in time for Yud Shvat, Rabbi & Mrs. Zalman and Chanie Simon have just moved on Shlichus to Slingerlands, NY where they have established a new Chabad House serving the needs of the local Jewish community ■ more
R' Yossi Tevel's Yohrtzeit
 Farbrengen: Remembering Papa Bear 
Family, friends and many others gathered this Motzoei Shabbos for a Melava Malkah and Farbrengen, which marked a year since the passing of Reb Yossi ‘Papa Bear’ Tevel OBM. There is hardly a soul who has not been positively touch by him, and that sentiment was echoed throughout the event ■ more  
Attention Anash
 Tehillim and Tzedoko Nedded 
Anash and the Tmimim are requested to please say Tehillim and give Tzedaka l'zechus a Refua Shleima Krova for, Rebbetzin Korf, Head Shlucha of Florida, Rivkah bas Sarah Basya, and Chaim Eliezer ben Devorah Laya Galperin, who is undergoing surgery ■ more
 HaYalda Menucha Rochel Vaspi, OB"M 

'Chassidim ein mishpocho' - the family of Lubavitcher Chassidim in Eretz Yisroel was shaken by the tragic and shocking news of the very untimely passing of Menucha Rochel bas- yibodlu l'chaim tovim- R' Einav and Anat Vaspi, at the tender age of a year and one month, r"l ■ more

Gallery of the Day
 Chabad of Naples to New Quarters 
Photograph: Shmais
After a long search, Chabad of Naples has just gone into contract for $2,100,000 to purchase the perfect property to serve their needs. The beautiful property, situated on 1.8 acres, is a former kloister with lush green lawns and landscaping ■ more 
Rabbi & Mrs. Eli Wilansky
 New Shluchim Enlist in the Rebbe's Army 
Photograph: Shmais
Rabbi & Mrs. Eli and Esther Wilansky are moving on Shlichus to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where they will be serving as program and youth directors for Chabad @ the Beaches ■ more

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