B"H Sunday, 21 Tishrey 5776 | October 04 2015
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Kol Chamira
 Biur Chometz around Eretz HaKodesh 

Shturem photographers joined Anash in Kfar Chabad, Nachlas Har Chabad and Bnei Brak for sreifas chometz. View the Erev Pesach gallery 



Living Torah
 The Rebbe on Taanis Esther,5748 
The Rebbe reads the Haftarah during Mincha on Taanis Esther, 5748.From the weekly video magazine - ‘Living Torah.’ Courtesy of JEM ■ more 
Moscow Unites in Simcha!
 HaTomim Tzviki Rosenson Bar Mitzvah Gallery 

Last week Hatomim Tzviki Rosenson celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at Marina Roscha in Moscow, surrounded by family members, classmates and friends from near and far. The simcha was enhanced by Avraham Fried who had the guests on their toes, accompanied by Yosef Barami's band from Paris.

Photos by Yisroel Bardugo 


A Royal Mazel Tov!
 Lerer-Weiss Chasene Chasene Gallery 

Last week the Lere (Ashkelon) and Weiss (London) families celebrated the marriage of Tomim Levi Yitzchok and Chana Hindy, in London. The Kabollas ponim and Chupah took place in the courtyard of Yeshivas Lubavitch. Many guests came from abroad to partake in the simcha, and the British Monarchy sent personal good wishes to the Weiss family.  

Photos: Yisroel Bardugo

Chof Daled Teves 200
 Hebrew Speakers Farbreng in Crown Heights 

 A gala farbrengen took place in Crown Heights for Hebrew speakers, under the auspices of the Vaadad L'dovrei Ivrit, ably directed by Rabbi Gavriel Avichzar. Shliach Rabbi Nechemia Schmerling of Kfar Yona farbrenged with the crowd. To the gallery


Day Three
 Kinus HaShluchim: The Workshops 
A full program of workshops was scrupulously prepared for the Shluchim convening at Nir Etzion for the third day. The workshops will enhance their work as Shluchim of the Rebbe. To the gallery
Storm Outside, Shturem Indoors
 Shluchim in Eretz Hakodesh Farbreng 
The Shluchim in Eretz Yisroel convening for their annual kinus at the elegant Nir Etzion Hotel disregarded the inclement stormy weather outside, and made their own Chassidishe shturem at the annual kinus farbrengen. To the gallery
Chof Daled Teves 200
 Gallery: Taking Leave of Haditch 
Farewell, Haditch

 After three days of davening, learning, farbrenging in Haditch, it's time to "pack the suitcases" and take all the inspiration home, to be utilized in daily life, carrying out the mission given to us by the Rebbe. Y. Belinko presents the final photo gallery of an unforgettable Chof Daled teves in Haditch. To the gallery


Chof Daled Teves 200
 Kiryat Gat: Gala Melave Malka Farbrengen 

 A gala Mealve Malka and farbrengen took place at the Chassidus Library in Kiryat Gat, honoring Chof Daled Teves Shnas Hamosayim. Many residents of the city, from all backgrounds and affiliations, joined in this historic event. Mashpia Rabbi Boruch Cahana and Magid Shiur Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Kuperman led the farbrengen ■ To the gallery

Chof Daled Teves 200
 Kfar Chabad: Talmidim Unite in Farbrengen 
The talmidim of Cheder Yiddish and Talmud Torah in Kfar Chabad united in a special farbrengen last night, in honor of the Alter Rebbe's 200th Yohrtzeit. Mashpia Rabbi Menachem Mendel Alperowitz farbrenged with the Rebbe's young soldiers.
Chof Daled Teves 200
 Georgetown: Israeli Expats Farbreng 

 Israeli expatriates gathered to commemorate Chof Daled Teves with Shliach Rabbi Avrohom Holtzberg in Georgetown. Rabbi Holtzberg, of Kehos in New York, regaled the crowd with fascinating stories of the Alter Rebbe. Rabbi Aharon Leib Raskin farbrenged, and Tmimim sang nigunnim, accompanied by a violin ●to the gallery 

Zos Chanuka Farbrengen
 Mashpia Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi in Beitar 

Anash in Beitar Ilit participated in a five hour long farbrengen with guest Mashpia Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi from Crown Heights. He spoke about Chanuka with the Rebbe in the early years, and the participants relived precious moments in Kvutza. Thanks to Rabbi Schneur Zalman Henig, R' Yitzchok Meshi Zahav and R' Yuda Kaplan.

To the gallery 


Mivtza Chanuka 5773
 Bariloche: Hundreds Rejoice on Chanukah 

Shluchim Rabbi Boaz and Fradie Klein of Bariloche were busy with Mivtza Chanuka, reaching hundreds of tourists and local Jews almost around the clock. They hosted Chanukah parties with homemade jelly doughnuts and other Chanukah goodies, conducted farbrengens, Menorah lightings and more.   To the photo gallery 


Mivtza Chanuka 5773
 Paris: Chanukah Lights in the City of Lights 

The second Chanukah licht was lit in Paris at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, by Bais Lubavitch of Paris and Head Shliach Rabbi Shmuel (Mulle) Azimov. Rabbi Guggenheim, Chief Rabbi of Paris inspired the crowd, and Yossi Gal, Israeli Ambassador to France lit the Menorah. Yoni Shlomo and Yosef Barami did a great job with the singing and music ■ to the gallery

Mivtza Chanuka 5773
 Kiddush Lubavitch on the White House Lawn 
Annual White House Menorah Lighting

The White House Menorah was lit last night in a stirring ceremony, coordinated by Rabbi Levi Shemtov, of American Friends of Lubavitch. Dignitaries and public figures from across the political spectrum united to spread the light of Chanukah across the nation. Rabbi Avraham Shemtov, director, led the festivities.  To the gallery 

Yud Tes Kislev Shnas Hamosayim
 Chag HaGeulah In Menorah, Dnepropetrovsk 

Chag HaGeulah Yud Tes Kislev in Dnepropetrovsk took place in the new Menorah building, with 170 participants. Head Shliach and Chief Rabbi Shmuel Kaminietzki adressed the celebrants. to the gallery  



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