B"H Thursday, 5 Kislev 5775 | November 27 2014
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Farbrengen! Huge Photo Gallery
 Kinus HaShluchim in Eretz HaKodesh 

 The workshops, speeches and formalities are only the excuse for a night - long Chassidishe farbrengen, in the spirit of 'Ashreinu' and 'Sheves Shluchim (achim ) gam yachad.  Shluchim crowded around Rabbi Aharon Eliezer Ceitlin, Rabbi Menachem Dubruskin and Rabbi Yechezkel Sofer for inspiration.

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In Loving Memory
 Two Years Later: Hachnosas Sefer Torah 

The Liberow family - Shluchim to Flatbush -  dedicated a Sefer Torah in loving memory of their son Avrohom Dovid ben -yibodel l'chaim tovim  -R' Schneur Zalman, and Mrs. Pesah Leah (nee1 Roetter) Azoulay, who were tragically killed in a road accident two years ago.  The Sefer Torah is a twin of the Rebbe's small Torah, was brought amidst much singing and dancing to the Chabad House in Flatbush, and will be used on a Mitzvah Tank ■ to the gallery

Chof Teves
 The Rebbe Speaks about Siyum HaRambam 
Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
In honor of Chof Teves, the yohrtzeit of the Rambam, we present a clip of the Rebbe speaking about making siyumim after the conclusion of the learning cycle of Mishneh Torah ■ to the video
Video of the Day
 Eretz Yisroel: A Land of Only Good 
Photograph: Excerpt from JEM Clip
The Rebbe: "It is impossible for there to be any 'bad' in the Land of Israel. May there be revealed and obvious good, with peace of body and mind to study Torah's revealed and inner dimensions ■ to view
Video of the Day
 The Road to Peace, Part 1: 
Photograph: Excerpt from JEM Clip
"True peace will only be achieved when Jews stand steadfast. Then, "Your fear and dread will be upon them." We do not compromise — not because we rely on our own power, but because we rely upon the strength of the Code of Jewish Law' - The Rebbe ■ more
Torah Cafe'
 What is a Jewish Will? 
In this video from the National Jewish Retreat, Dr. Stephen Serbain discusses the concept of an ethical will and how it differs from other types of wills a person might write. An ethical will allows a person to transmit their spiritual legacy to their loved ones ■ more
New Info on Video
 Nathan Lewin on Hey Teves 
Step inside the Rebbe’s private room as we join Mr. Nathan Lewin, as he reflects on his personal encounters with the Lubavitcher Rebbe during the Seforim Trial ■ more
Video of the Day
 Celebrating Didan Notzach 
Photograph: Excerpt from JEM Clip
Chasidim celebrate the ruling of the US Court of Appeals, upholding Agudas Chasidei Chabad's ownership of the Previous Rebbe's library ■ more
 Nat Lewin Fights for the Public Menorah 
As the holiday of Chanukah gets underway, public menorahs have begun popping up in major cities throughout the world. In this lecture, noted civil liberties lawyer Nathan Lewin discusses his involvement in fighting legal battles to allow menorahs to be lit in the public arena ■ more
Video of the Day
 Erev Shabbos Bomb Scare in 770 
Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
On Erev Shabbos, Chof Kislev, there was a bomb scare in 770 ■ to the video
Video of the Day
 Adding a Mitzvah Every Day 
Photograph: Excerpt from JEM Clip
The Rebbe: “After the eighth day of Chanukah we stop lighting the candles. But as far as Mitzvos are concerned, the ninth day must bring an added Mitzvah ■ more
"Chabad Lebt"
 Thousands at Main Farbrengen in Kfar Chabad 

 A farbrengen reminiscent of the "good old days" took place in Beis Menachem, Kfar Chabad.  "Yud Tes Kislev in Kfar Chabad" has been a don't miss since the early days of the Kfar, encouraged by the Rebbe with a special Igeres Kodesh to the organizers and celebrants. Prominent at the dais were Rabbis Ashkenazi, Lau, Kantor, Alter, Mozes, and public figures Yochanan Danino,Police supervisor, Minister Uzi Landau, MK Ben Ari and others.  Rabbi Binyomin Lifshitz and the Vaad did themselves proud with the farbrengen, and surely the Alter Rebbe and the Rebbe had much nachas.

Photos by Berele Scheiner

Paris Conquered!
 Light of Chag Hageulah in City of Lights 

A huge crowd of men, women and children celebrated Chag HaGeulah Yud Tes Kislev in the City of Lights.  The farbrengen took place at the Marriot Hotel, with many inspiring speeches, niggunim and videos of the Rebbe. Leading the farbrengen were Head Shliach Rabbi Shmuel Azimov and Rabbi Yirmiyahu Cohen, Av Beis Din of Paris.

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Rare Video
 Celebrate Yom Tov with The Rebbe 
Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
Join in a Yud Tes Kislev farbrengen with the Rebbe.  Shturem presents this rare video ■ more
Rabbi Chaim Dalfin:
 Does "Lubavitch Lite" Exist? 
Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
There has been much discussion lately about the phrase "Chabad - Lite."   Rabbi Chaim Dalfin settles the matter ■ more
 The Rebbe Distributes Sifrei Tanya 
Photograph: Excerpt from JEM Clip
Opening the week with the Rebbe: The Rebbe distributes Tanyas in honor of Yud Tes Kislev, "Rosh Hashanah of Chasidus ■ more

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