B"H Sunday, 20 Nisan 5774 | April 20 2014
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Video of the Day
 Can Words Convey Infinity? 
Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
Can Words Convey Infinity?If all languages are able to convey complex layers of meaning, why is Hebrew referred to as the Holy tongue ■ Now in its fifth week, JLI’s course “Fascinating Facts” delves into the power and uniqueness of the Hebrew language ■ more
Yedid Nefesh
 Exclusive Footage from Rubashkin Documentary 
Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
This music video shows exclusive footage from Rubashkin's Game Plan, the long awaited documentary film focusing both on the Rubashkin case and dual reaction of anger and solidarity from the Jewish community following the harsh sentence handed down in the case ■ more
Video of the Day
 Who Initiated the Famous Group Picture 
The Whole World in One Picture
The Whole World in One Picture | Photograph: Excerpt from INN Clip
Yoni Kempinski covered the Kinus HaShluchim for Arutz Sheva (INN) and did a wonderful job bringing many aspects of the Kinus to his home audience ■ more
Mazel Tov!
 Pewzner - Kupfer Chasene Video Clip 
Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
Rabbi Ungar, the Bobover Rebbe (45th Street) attended the Pewzner (Crown Heights) and Kupfer (Boro Park) in Crown Heights ■ more
Kinus HaShluchim 5772
 The Role of Yaldei HaShluchim on INN 
Photograph: Excerpt from INN Clip
Tomim Berel Bendet of Camp Yaldei HaShluchim at the Kinus was interviewed by the Arutz 7 journalist who covered the Kinus, and explained the uniqueness of Yaldei HaShluchim and their role in Shlichus ■ more
 Watch the Kinus Banquet 
Archive Photo
Archive Photo | Photograph: Yisroel Bardugo
The Kinus Banquet is about to begin.  Join Shturem in a once in a year experience ■ to view
To Moishele
 Country Yossi's Musical Tribute 
Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
Country Yossi dedicated this musical tribute to little Moishi Holtzberg ■ more
Video of the Day
 Jewish Leaders: Holy Heroes or Human Beings 
In this session Rabbi Yitzchok Shochet  presents portraits of figures from Jewish history such as Adam, the Patriarchs, and Moses. We will be exploring what made them unique.  Were the spiritual super-stars in the Torah stories some rare breed of superhero ■ more
 Video: Good Eye or Ayin Hara? 
Video: Good Eye or Ayin Hara? Some people view the world through “rose-colored” lenses, seeing everything in a positive light, while others see the world through a grayer lens, seeing doom wherever they look ■ more
JEM Presents Shir Mizmor
 The Rebbe: To Give and To Give 
JEM Shir Mizmor
JEM Shir Mizmor | Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
'Music Notes,' - a collage of newly-recorded Chassidisher Nigunim accompanied by still photographs from Jewish Educational Media's vast photo archive will be a once-monthly segment ■ more
New JLI Course Launches
 Video: Exploring the Myths and Mysteries of Judaism 
This week, JLI proudly launches the course: Fascinating Facts, an exciting, out-of-the-box introduction to the common myths, mysteries, and misconceptions about Judaism ■ more
Video of the Day
 Flatbush, NY: Simchas Beis Hashoeva, 5722 
Photograph: Excerpt from Clip
Join the simcha with Yehuda Piamenta and Benny Friedman making it lebedik in Flatbush ■ more 
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe'n
 5750: Hallel with the Rebbe 
Archive video: Hallel during the Morning Prayers on Chol Hamoed Sukkos. 18 Tishrei, 5750 ·  From the weekly video magazine - ‘Living Torah ■ more 
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe'n
 Farbrengen: Yud Gimmel Tishrei, 5741 
Photograph: Chabad.org
In honor of Yud Gimmel Tishrei, the Yohrtzeit - Hillulo of the Rebbe MaHaRaSh, we present a Sichas Kodesh of the Rebbe from the farbrengen on Yud Gimmel Tishrei ■ more 
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe'n
 5751: Erev Yom Kippur with the Rebbe 
Archive video: The Rebbe bestows the Birkas Kohanim following Mincha on Erev Yom Kippur. 9 Tishrei, 5751.  From the weekly video magazine - ‘Living Torah’. Courtesy of JEM ■ more 
Video of the Day
 Rabbi Shmuel Lew - Yom Kippur at the North Pole 

In 5724, Rabbi Shmuel Lew was sent on a special Shlichus from the Rebbe to Greenland involving the highest echelons of the US government and a whole lot of Divine Providence ■ more 


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