B"H Sunday, 24 Tevet 5777 | January 22 2017
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Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 "The Flame Should Rise Up on its Own" 
 “When you light the lamps”… “the flame should rise up on its own” (Behaaloscha 8:2. Rashi, ibid.) That the “flame should rise up on its own” is primarily emphasized in the recent generations, ikvesa d’ikvesa de’Meshicha, the heels – the final footsteps of Moshiach – particularly in our generation, the last generation of the golus ■ more
 Memoirs of Rebbetzin Chana 
Praise and thanks to G‑d, and to my son Mendel, long may he live, that I have reached this point. Not for nothing is honoring one’s parents rewarded with long life. As recompense for the way my son relates to me and makes my life so much easier, may G‑d grant him long life and happy years, with good health and success, and may he never experience anything negative. Amen ■ more
Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 Halocho: Moshiach Can Come Every Day 
“If a man says let me be a Nazirite on the day on which the son of Dovid (Moshiach) comes – if he said it in the weekdays he may never drink wine, and if he said it on Shabbos or Yom tov, that particular Shabbos or that Yom tov he is permitted, from then and further he is forever forbidden ■ more
 Memoirs of Rebbetzin Chana 

In an attempt to ensure that the Chasidic influence should not prevail, my husband’s opponents brought two Rabbis from other cities to Yekatrinoslav. Contentious issues concerning Jewish education soon arose in the city. They concerned the curriculum for a yeshiva, whether studies should follow new-fangled educational approaches or the traditional one ■ more

Rabbi Asher Deren
 People of the (Face?)Book 

For the “Chosen” “People of the Book” Shavuos is the anniversary of both the Choice and the Book that brought that choice about. No, it wasn’t the day when G-d clicked ‘like’ on our status – it’s when He gave us an eternal responsibility to live His Torah ■ more

Shloshim of R' Yeshaya Schtroks
 Custom Homework: My Teacher Who Cared 
In Shmuel Bais, after the deaths of Shaul and Yonoson, Dovid HaMelech cries out, “They were swifter than eagles, they were stronger than lions. Rabbi Yeshaya Schtroks, beloved father, husband, community builder, remarkable teacher, was swift like the eagle, strong like the lion, and now he has passed away at the young age of 55 ■ more
 Memoirs of Rebbetzin Chana 

Triumph in battling for traditional Judaism: Although at first the side supporting my husband was the smaller one, nevertheless, as always happened, he succeeded in prevailing. Indeed, it took time and energy, because he always battled for issues of importance from a religious viewpoint, whereas most of the community consisted of maskilim and non-religious Jews ■ more

Part XXX
 Memoirs of Rebbetzin Chana 
Ussishkin’s father-in-law, Sergei Pavlov Fallei, was also one of the city’s most respected members of the Zionist movement. His father,5however, had been a Chasidic Jew from Lithuania, a wealthy man, who had given his son a religious education. Sergei was highly intelligent and, although far from being G‑d-fearing, was very Torah learned and retained his love and respect for traditional Jewish scholarship ■ more
Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 The Sacred Duty of Every Jew 
The auspicious day of Lag B’Omer is the day of rejoicing of the great Sage Rabbi Shimon ben Yochoi (RaShBY) of whom his teacher R. Akiva said “(Only) I and your Creator know your powers”. RaShBY had to hide in a cave for twelve years, then for yet another year, because of his uncompromising stand in preserving Yiddishkeit under Roman rule and persecution ■ more
Rabbi Yehoishofot Oliver
 Shabbos: Transcending the World 
Our sages say, “He who toils before Shabbos, will eat on Shabbos.”[1] On the simple level, this means that in order to eat a ready meal on Shabbos, one should toil to prepare the food before Shabbos. But on the deeper level, this alludes to the relationship between the divine service of the weekdays and of Shabbos ■ more
 Memoirs of Rebbetzin Chana 
It was the eighth year that we were living in the home of my parents, who supported us while my husband studied Torah full-time. The time had come to think about seeking a source of livelihood. Meanwhile, although my husband was indeed preparing to “enter the material world” and accept some obligation for his livelihood, he was still immersed in his studies and the writing of his Torah insights ■ read on
Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver
 Two Categories of Physicality 
Chassidus differentiates between two general categories of the physical: gashmiyus—“physicality” and chumriyus—“coarseness.” The term gashmiyus refers to something that is physical, but not animalistic or coarse per se. To be sure, everything physical conceals the absolute reality of Hashem ■ more
Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 "Why Should We Be Deprived! 
We learn from Pesach-Sheni an amazing lesson: When a Jew feels that he is lacking and deficient in matters of yiras shomayim, Torah and mitzvos, he cannot rely on anyone, not on Moshe Rabbeinu not even (as it were) on G-d, and he doesn’t say “we have no one to depend on only on our Father in Heaven”, but he cries out “Why should we be deprived ■ more
Rabbi Asher Deren
 Friend or Faribel? The $20 IPO 

A Thought for Shabbos: “Rabbi, a friend of 30 years said something very hurtful about me behind my back. Should I risk destroying the friendship or just keep it in my heart?” “Well” I answered just yesterday afternoon, “according to the Mitzvah in this week’s Parsha, “though shall not bear a faribel in your heart ■ more

 Memoirs of Rebbetzin Chana 

In 5706, when I was staying in Kraskovo, near Moscow, people were afraid to be seen anywhere near me. I was forced to lodge in a different location almost every night, because residency was granted only to those officially registered, and it would have been even more dangerous for me to show my identity card ■ more

8th Yohrtzeit of Rabbi YL Raskin
 Mesirus-Nefesh of a Shliach 

"It's been a long time since we met. I met my father only three years ago and it's been 15 years since I saw my mother, 21 years since I saw my sister and the children don't even know who I am." This is an excerpt of a letter written by the unforgettable Shliach Rabbi Yehuda Leib Raskin of blessed memory, the Rebbe's Shliach in Casablanca, Morocco ■ more  


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