B"H Thursday, 18 Iyar 5775 | May 07 2015
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לאתר בעברית
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Lag Sameach
 Why Eggs? Minhogei Lag B'Omer 
It is customary to eat carobs on Lag BaOmer. This commemorates a lifesaving miracle that Rabbi Shimon experienced. For a period of thirteen years, Rabbi Shimon and his son were fugitives from the Roman regime, in hiding in a cave in Northern Israel. Miraculously a carob tree grew at the entrance of the cave, providing nourishments for its two holy occupants ■ more
Greater Compassion
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day 
Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day:There is a well-known story in the Gemara connected to Lag BaOmer, that the students of Rabbi Akiva died because they did not treat each other respectfully, and on Lag BaOmer they stopped dying ■ Another lesson in the above story applies even when we meet a person who has not yet reached the level of serving Hashem as he should. He should also be treated respectfully ■ more
Next Task in Nepal
 Retrieving the Remains of Jews for Burial 
Photograph: Chabad.org
With the body of 22-year-old hiker Or Asraf in the airport en route to Israel, Rabbi Chezky Lifshitz, co-director of Chabad of Nepal, says the grisly work of searching for Jewish remains continues in the wake of the April 25 earthquake that crippled the South Asian nation ■ more
Leb'n Mit Der Tzeit
 Lag B'Omer Parades Throughout the Years 
Shturem presents a  JEM collage of Lag B'omer parades spanning five decades, accompanied by a special recording of the Niggun, "Hinei Mah Tov ■ more
Lag B'Omer 5775
 Ashkelon Unites in Honor of Rabbi Shimon 
Thousands of school children from all over Ashkelon gathered for a rally this morning in honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.The rally was organized by Rabbi Menachem Gorelik from Chabad Ashkelon, and with the assistance of the Mayor, Mr. Itamar Shimoni ■ more 
Lag B'Omer 5775
 Sydney NSW: The First Hadloko in the World 
Sydney does it again! The Talmidei HaShluchim from the yeshiva in Sydney hosted the first bonfire in the world honoring Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai ■ more
 Hundreds Mourn Rabbi Boaz Lerner, OB"M 
Hundreds of Anash, relatives, friends, neighbors from Kiryat Malachi and the entire country solemnly, and still reeling in shock, paid last respects to Rabbi Boaz Lerner, OB"M. Rabbi Lerner passed away suddenly during a farbrengen in the course of a short work visit to the Philippines ■ more
Who Was R' Ezra Mualem
 "He Merited to See The Lubavitcher Rebbe" 
A photo making the social media sites rounds depicts a gravestone for a Jewish man named Ezra Mualem, who passed away on the 11th of Tishrei, 5770. The highpoint of his life, from the engraved sentence in Hebrew, was seeing The Rebbe ■ more
 Rabbi Boaz Lerner OBM: Levaye Update 
His Final Journey: The aron of Rabbi Boaz Lerner is on a flight from Thailand to Eretz Yisroel at this time. The flight is scheduled to land in Ben Gurion Airport tomorrow morning, and the levaye will leave at 10:00 am from the Tiferes Eliezer shul in Nachlas Menachem ■ more
OT Dinner Gallery
 An Evening of Support and Recognition 
Over 500 guests, joined in celebrating the 59th Annual Dinner of Educational Institute Oholei Torah, included in the crowd were parents, staff, supporters, alumni, young and old ■
Welcomed by the Master of Ceremonies, Rabbi Sholom Moshe Paltiel, an Oholei Torah Alumni and Shliach to Port Washintgon, N.Y., began the program with the reading of the Rebbe’s letter from 5741 ■ more
Kinusim for Lag B'Omer
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day 
Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: Efforts should be made to make special kinusim for children, with boys and girls separate of course...At these kinusim the great preciousness of Torah should be spoken about, to implant within children a love for learning Torah. This matter is especially connected to Lag BaOmer, the yom hahilulah of the Rashbi ■ more
Attention Anash
 Urgent Tehillim and Tzedoko Needed 
Please take a moment of your precious time to say Tehillim and give tzedoko l'zchus Mrs. Rivka Mindel bas Chaya Doba, a mother of Shluchim in desperate need of our tefillos for complete good health ■ more
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 Lag B'Omer 5720: The Rebbe at the Park 
Lag B'Omer 5720
Lag B'Omer 5720 | Photograph: Excerpt fron JEM Video
NEW FOOTAGE: The Rebbe visits Prospect Park, Lag B'omer 5720: WATCH a rare clip from one of the earliest parades with the Rebbe featuring narration by Eli Lipsker ■ more
Pesach Sheini, 5751
 The Rebbe: It's Never Too Late 
Photograph: Excerpt from JEM Clip
"Pesach Sheini teaches us that 'It's never too late.' The holiday was given for those who were unable to offer the original Pesach sacrifice in its proper time. They thought that it was too late ■ to Living Torah video
Chasdei Shabtai
 Miron: New Scooter for Disabled and Elderly 
New Scooter Launched in Miron
New Scooter Launched in Miron
Chasdei Shabtai of Miron has good news for the elderly and disabled Jews who find it difficult to make the trek to the Tzion of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai ■ The scooter was very generously donated by Rabbi Lior Enriques ■ more
A First for Vacaville
 The Tree of Life Grows in Solana County 
Photograph: Daily Republic/ Steve Reczkowski
A new chapter in Solano County Jewish history began Sunday when the Vacaville-based Chabad of Solano County gathered families and friends to begin writing the Solano Torah.The project is expected to take about a year. Moshe Klein, a fifth generation scribe, is doing the writing ■ more

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