B"H Wednesday, 25 Tammuz 5774 | July 23 2014
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Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 "Let them Complete their Mission" 
Photograph: Excerpt fron JEM Video
Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe'n: Throughout Jewish history, through times serene and turbulent, the People of Israel looked to the Torah for guidance and stability. Only through steadfast adherence to Torah principles, the Rebbe insisted, can Israel achieve true peace ■ more
Parents Can't Assess
 Shaarei Chinuch Directive of the Day 
CHINUCH HORAAH OF THE DAY: In response to his letter... in which he writes about the chinuch of his son... may he live...A decision in this is based on different factors, especially the characteristics of the child. It would be correct to consult with those that know his son ■ more
Anash of Nachle
 Undaunted by Danger, Mivtzoim on Border 
Undaunted by the falling missiles, R' Schneur Dahan of Nachlas Har Chabad visits the soldiers situated close to the border with Gaza daily, brings gashmius and ruchnius before they enter the war zone ■ more
CTVP Bikur Cholim
 Shluchim and Anash Visit Injured 
 The staff of CTVP, together with Shluchim are paying visits to the injured hospitalized in Botei Refuah across the country. This initial visit is the beginning of a warm friendship throughout the year, with a wide range of services and activities ■ more
Developing Story
 FAA Halts all Flights to EY 
BenGurion Airport
BenGurion Airport | Photograph: Meir Alfasi/ Shturem
The United States Federal Aviation Association has announced a temporary halt in flights to Eretz Yisroel for a 24 hour period. This follows a direct rocket hit to a home in Yahud, a city near the Ben Gurion Airport. The security measures pertain to ingoing and outgoing flights ■ more
Al Neesecho
 Direct Hit Near Kfar Chabad 
Miracle in Yahud, Today
Miracle in Yahud, Today
Miracle in Yahud: A 10:02 this morning the center of Eretz Yisroel was attacked by a missile salvo. One of the missiles made a direct hit on a home in Yahud, very close to Kfar Chabad. B"H the residents complied with the security regulations and ran to the Mamad ■ more


Good News!
 New Mechina Class near Ohel 
Illustration Photo
Illustration Photo
A Mechina class is opening this fall for boys ages 13-14. The location for this class will be near the Ohel with transportation provided from Crown Heights. The Mechina class is for bochurim 'advanced in learning' ages 13-14 who would like to be part of a small class on a high level of learning ■ The mashpia will be Rabbi Yitzchok Goldshmid-Shliach of Valley Stream ■ The magid shiur will be Reb Itzik Wolf ■ more
Torah, Tefilla, Tzedoko
 Kfar Chabad: 200 Children Daven in 770 
Over 200 young children gathered in Bais Aguch 770, in Kfar Chabad for a special Torah, Tefilla and Tzedoko rally. Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Aharonov, director of Tzeirei Chabad in Eretz HaKodesh, organized many similar rallies l'zchus Am Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel, and particularly the IDF soldiers ■ more 
Rabbi Lazar Inspires
 Moscow Jewry Unites for Eretz Yisroel 
Torah, Tefilla, Tzedoko in Marina Roscha
Torah, Tefilla, Tzedoko in Marina Roscha | Photograph: Levi Nazarov/Shturem
Beneath a banner proclaiming “should your brothers go to war while you sit idly here?” dozens of Jews gathered Sunday at the Marina Roscha synagogue in Moscow for an evening of prayer for the safety of the Jewish people and IDF soldiers in the Holy Land ■ more
Nissim (Sean) Carmeli, HY"D
 Chabad of South Padre Mourns Soldier HY"D 
Photograph: Chabad.org
The Jewish community of South Padre Island, Texas, is mourning the loss of native-born Sean Carmeli, one of thirteen soldiers from the Golani brigade who died in battle overnight in the Shejaiyah section of Gaza City ■ After spending his summers in the Chabad day- and overnight camps, Sean’s parents saw that their children were growing up without many Jewish friends and made the decision to move back to Israel ■ more
Happy Mom, Happy Kids
 Shaarei Chinuch Directive of the Day 
The success of children's chinuch is connected to their emotional state, [therefore it is important] that they see their mother going about her matters with contentment and inner peace ■ more
Hashem Yikom Domom
 Am Yisroel Mourns 13 Soldiers HY"D 
13 kedoshim, IDF soldiers, have been killed since Motzoei Shabbos, the IDF said. The process of identifying the bodies is still ongoing. The process of identifying the bodies is still ongoing.  Golani Brigade, armor and engineering corps forces were met with effective close range guerrilla actions in Shejaiya, Gaza. The dead are apparently all from the Golani Brigade ■ more
Chassidus Applied, Live at 8:00
 Challenge! Why Rock the Boat? 
Since the launch of MyLIfe: Chassidus Applied 26 weeks ago, Rabbi Simon Jacobson has covered a wide spectrum of issues we all grapple with – fueled exclusively by questions submitted by listeners. Not shying away from even the most sensitive and controversial subjects, a number of topics addressed on MyLife were considered taboo ■ . A questioner asks, “Aren’t some things better left brushed under the carpet? Why are you using your pulpit to shake things up and start trouble ■ join the broadcast
Kiddush Shem Lubavitch
 Channel 20 Interviews Rabbi Menachem Kutner 
Rabbi Menachem Kutner of CTVP has been in the public eye since the start of the Gaza Operation. Lubavitcher Chassidim under his direction have been encouraging and empowering the soldiers, distributing food, visiting the injured, bringing a breath of fresh air to those in shelters, while doing the Rebbe's mivtzoim ■ more
Tragedy in Lugansk
 Mother and Daughter Killed in Fighting 

The Jewish community in Lugansk, Ukraine is mourning the tragic and violent deaths of a mother and daughter from the Sintkov family, killed by a missile in the center of the city. The two were in the market purchasing fruits and vegetables, when a missile landed directly on them and killed them instantaneously, r"l.Tragically, they leave behind a five year old orphan, who was taken under the wing of the kehilla and will be placed in a warm and loving Jewish home ■ more

Experience Geulah
 Oholei Torah Kfar Chabad Exhibition 
Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Shturem.org invites you to disconnect from the wailing sirens, the news updates, the speculations and interviews, and step into the real world for a few moments: The World of Geulah. The cheder students of Oholei Torah in Kfar Chabad prepared a stunning exhibit ■ more 

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