B"H Saturday, 4 Adar I 5776 | February 13 2016
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The True Foundation
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: 
Chinuch Horaah of the Day: Hakadosh Baruch Hu is the Creator of the world, and He conducts the world with hashgacha pratis over every detail... This knowledge is what influences the person to behave in the appropriate way ■ more
The Chassidishe Parsha
 Trumah: Mi Yitencha Keach Li " 
“Mi Yitencha Ke’ach Li …” This week’s Parsha discusses the Kapores, which was the covering that was placed over the Aron. The Kapores consisted of the figures of two Cherubs that were placed at opposite ends of the Kapores. These figures were called the Keruvim. The entire Kapores, including the Keruvim, was made of gold. Many statements of the Sages are associated with the Keruvim. The Sages [Chagiga 13b] state that the Keruvim had the faces of children, one of a male and one of a female ■ more
Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm
 Parshas Trumah: Designing Our Shuls 
Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, dean of the Online Smicha program, discusses the interior decorating of our shuls, in honor of Parshas Trumah ■ more
Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus
 A Small Bite of Shabbos Delight 

One of the most significant vessels in the Mishkan and later in the Two Holy Temples, was the Menorah.By now, many people are familiar with the position of Rashi (Exodus 25:32) and the Rambam, which was often emphasized by the Rebbe, that the branches of the Menorah were not rounded, but angular ■ What is less known to many people, is the fascinating insight the Rebbe gleans, from the drawing of the Menorah by Maimonides, that can be learned from the positioning of the decorative goblets or cups of the Menorah ■ more

$10,000 Reward
 Police: Help Find Crown Heights Stabber 
Photograph: Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Police on Thursday issued a photo of a suspect wanted in Wednesday’s stabbing of a 25-year-old Orthodox Jewish man in Crown Heights. As the investigation continues, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams issued a call for vigilance in the midst of several recent vicious attacks, including a fatal assault in Brownsville and the killing of a woman and children on Staten Island ■ more
Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 Yearning and Learning for Moshaich 
It is certain that today’s generation is the last generation of golus and the first generation of the Redemption. In particular, at present, when the weekly Torah readings discuss the building of the Sanctuary, it is appropriate to arouse the desire for the true and complete Geulah and the building of the third Bais HaMikdash ■ more
Don't Miss
 Sen. Bernie Sanders and The Rebbe 
In the winter of 5743 (1983) Rabbi Yitzchak and Zeesy Raskin were appointed as the new Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries to Vermont, to help support and strengthen Jewish awareness throughout the rural state. One of the first actions the newly-minted emissaries took, was to approach Mayor Sanders’ office and request permission to light a large 8-foot menorah on the steps of City Hall as part of the worldwide public mitzvah campaign spearheaded and inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe ■ more
Federal Lawsuit Filed
 Boca Residents Sue City on Chabad Building 
Photograph: Sun-Sentinel
Two Boca Raton residents have filed a federal lawsuit against their city, alleging it provided special treatment to the Chabad of East Boca.After months of controversy and debate, a synagogue on one of the city's main roads won final approval in July. The $10 million, 18,000-square-foot project exceeds the city's height limit and will be the first religious institution built on Boca's beachside ■ more
Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz
 Strength to Overcome Golus Challenges 
Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz presents his weekly short Parsha video, based on the Sichos Kodesh of The Rebbe. This week, Parshas Trumah, Rabbi Minkowicz answers the question: "How can we find strength to overcome the challenges of exile ■ more
Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Loss: Mrs. Asya Dubrawsky, OB"M 
With sadness we inform you of the passing of Mrs. Asna Devorah (Asya) Dubrawsky OBM, a longtime resident of Crown Heights and wife of Rabbi Yehoshua Dubrawsky OBM. She was 85 years old. The levaya will take place tomorrow, Thursday, 9:45am at Shomrei Hadas and passing by 770 at l'erech 10:45 AM ■ more
No Worry
 Chinuch Hora'ah of the Day: 

Chinuch Horaah of the Day: Surely it should be explained to the children that they should not worry that in using their sefarim so much, the sefarim may become worn out and ripped, for they are promised that [in such a case], new sefarim that are even nicer will be bought for them ■ more

Developing Story
 Tomim Stabbed in Crown Heights, Attacker Fled 
Photograph: Shturem
A Lubavitcher Tomim was stabbed in the back by an African-American man on Empire Blvd. in Crown Heights. The attacker fled the scene and is at large ■  The victim was transported by Hatzalah to Kings County Hospital. He never lost consciousness, and his condition is believed to be non-life-threatening ■ Please say Tehillim for Yehuda Leib ben Rivkah Alta ■ more
Chassidishe Nachas
 Oholei Torah: Let the Siddur Parties Begin 
The season of Siddur parties have begun in Oholei Torah. Over the next 5 weeks, all 6! Pre-1A classes will be having their siddur parties in the main ballroom, together with their parents and extended family members ■ This past week, Rabbi Avrohom Shtroks class was the first to have a siddur party ■ The event ended off with lively music, dancing and special treats ■ more
Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Althaus - Ashkenazi Chasene Gallery 
Althaus - Ashkenazi Chasene Gallery
Althaus - Ashkenazi Chasene Gallery | Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Mazel Tov! Last night (Tuesday) the Althaus (Holon) and Ashkenazi (Kfar Chabad) celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Zelig and Leah. The kallah is the daughter of Moro d'Asra Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi ■ more
Illini Chabad Center
 Editorial: Menorah Vandalism is a Disgrace 
Photograph: Illini Daily
Early Sunday morning, two people vandalized the Menorah outside of the Illini Chabad Center for Jewish Life. In a surveillance video released by the University of Illinois Police Department, a man and woman are seen breaking off one arm of the Menorah around 1:15 a.m.The Menorah has been vandalized three times since April ■ more
Bombay Terror
 David Headley Charged with Conspiracy 
Photograph: Shtrem Archives
July 2008: (four months before the attack): Did further surveillance of Taj Mahal Hotel, Leopold Cafe and landing points including videotaping the route from a police station to Taj Mahal Hotel; videotaped Chabad House, a Jewish community centre in Mumbai. Gave his Pakistani contacts and attack financier and planner all GPS data ■ more

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