B"H Saturday, 27 Av 5774 | August 23 2014
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Leb'n Mit Moshiach
 Re'eh: Nu, Let's See Already! 

ALTHOUGH IT IS CLEARLY BEFORE ISCHALTA de’GEULA… YET WE MUST DO EVERYTHING TO DEFEND JEWISH LIVES …We clearly see that it’s still before ischalta de'Geulah (beginning of the Redemption) - on the contrary, we are in a double and multiplied darkness. However, this has no connection to what was spoken earlier, that Jews must have weapons, and we need to stand up to a goy with the proper firmness and resolve - because this affects saving lives of many of the Jewish people, about which even one soul of a Jew is also an "entire world ■ more

The Chassidishe Parsha
 “Acharei Havaya Elokeichem Teileichu…” 
“Acharei Havaya Elokeichem Teileichu…” This Ma'amar speaks of the verse in this week’s Parsha that discusses the command to walk in the path of G-d who is testing man and putting him to challenge. It delves into the purpose of these challenges and how this relates to the purpose of the descent of the soul below. One of the most profound questions faced by the philosophers and the thinking man is with regards to the purpose of a Nisayon-challenge or test. Why does G-d challenge or test man if he knows his capabilities and his future choices ■ more
Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier
 Parshas Re'eh: Beneath the Surface 
Photograph: Illustration
What's Important ? My three-year-old came home with his Sukkos project last year, excited to show it to us. I pointed to the popsicle-stick "walls" and asked, "What is this?" He proudly answered, "popsicle sticks!" I pointed to the green paper "schach" and asked the same question. "That's green paper!" he announced. And when I asked about the white doily, he explained that it was white paper of course ■ more
50 Years Later
 "New" Photo of Rebbetzin Chana Surfaces 
Mother of Royalty
Mother of Royalty

During a recent visit to Melbourne, Australia, N'shei Chabad Newsletter editor Mrs. Rishie Deitsch was leafing through a family chasene album, and was happily surprised to see a heretofore unknown picture of Rebbetzin Chana, Mother of Royalty ■ more

Leb'n Mit'n Rebbe
 Our King in All His Glory 
Photograph: Shturem

Rare photo of The Rebbe: This rare JEM photo depicts The Rebbe in 770 walking in 770, surrounded by loving Chassidim ■ more

Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Pizem - Shifman Chasene Gallery 
Pizem - Shifman Chasene Gallery
Pizem - Shifman Chasene Gallery | Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Mazel Tov! On Wednesday night the Pizem (Akko) and Shifman (Beitar Ilit) families celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Chaim and Tali ■ more
Yaldei HaShluchim Inspire
 Shluchim to Sweden Standing Strong 
Photograph: Lubavitch.com
It’s been years since they heard a Jewish child speak Yiddish or their native tongues, but this summer, when the Chabad camp in Gothenburg went visiting them on a Friday afternoon, one elderly resident, originally from Hungary, was brought to tears. She was approached by 11-year-old Ari Raskin, the son of Budapest’s Chabad representatives, who spoke to her in Hungarian, wishing her “a Gut Shabbos ■ more
Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz
 Why are we Faced with Challenges? 
Join Shliach Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz's weekly Torah class the the Parsha. This week, Parshas Re'eh, Rabbi Minkowicz answers the question: Why are we faced with challenges ■ more
Kiddush Shem Lubavitch
 "Four Rabbis are my Personal Friends" 
Photograph: Screen Shot
One doesn't usually associate Chabad with prison, but alongside a host of other roles in the Jewish community, rabbis in the Canadian city of Quebec have taken it upon themselves to visit and care for Jewish inmates in the province ■ more
Chabad Mosdos Only!
 Shaarei Chinuch Directive of the Day 

CHINUCH HORAAH OF THE DAY: According to what we heard a few times from my father-in-law, the Rebbe, the nasi of Yisroel- it is clear that the chinuch of the sons and daughters of Anash should be in Chabad institutions- at all ages ■ more

Hands Off
 HFC Soldiers Gather Rocket Shrapnel 
Kfar Chabad, Tonight
Kfar Chabad, Tonight
Soldiers from the Home Front Command arrived in Kfar Chabad tonight to find and gather missile parts that fell in and around the Kfar. Many pieces were found, specifically the most important part of the missile ■ more
Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Super - Meshulovin Chasene Gallery 
Super - Meshulovin Chasene Gallery
Super - Meshulovin Chasene Gallery | Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Mazel Tov! Last night the Super (Melbourne, Australia) and Meshulovin (Beitar Ilit) families celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Shmueli and Chaya ■ more
Chassidim Ayn Mishpocho
 Tzeiger - Wolf Chasene Gallery 
Tzeiger - Wolf Chasene Gallery
Tzeiger - Wolf Chasene Gallery | Photograph: Nitai Abel/ Shturem
Mazel Tov! Last night (Tuesday) the Tzeiger (Yerushalayim) and Wolf (Rechovot) families celebrated the marriage of their children HaTomim Schneur and Rivka ■ more
Whopping 1,600 Pages!
 New Edition of Historic Mafteach Published 
No single sefer encompasses all of the Rebbe's talks and Torah as does Rabbi Michoel Seligson's Sefer Hamaftechos L’Sichos Kodesh, an index of all the Rebbe's Sichos, that comes in at a whopping 1,600-pages. The mafteach sold out shortly after appearing on the shelves just before Hey Teves two years ago and has not been available since. Due to popular demand, a second edition has just been published ■ more
Boruch Dayan Hoemes
 Lone IDF American Soldier Missing 
Updated: Boruch Dayan Hoemes:With sadness we report that IDF Corporal Dovid Menachem Gordon, OB"M, a lone soldier from Ohio, was found dead today in Central Eretz Yisroel, with his weapon beside his lifeless body ■ more
Attention Anash
 Urgent Tehillim and Tzedoko Needed 
Anash and Tmimim are urgently requested to say Tehillim and give tzedaka for a complete recovery and good health for R'  Tzvi Hersh Chaim ben Guttel, who was seriously injured in an ATV accident and is in a coma ■ more

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